The management board, responsible for the strategic direction of the Met, is chaired by the Commissioner and comprises the deputy commissioner, assistant commissioners for territorial policing, specialist crime and operations, specialist operations and professionalism and chief of corporate Services, chief digital and technology officer and Director, commercial & finance.

Who’s who in the Met

  • Commissioner: Cressida Dick
  • Deputy Commissioner: Steve House
  • Chief of Corporate Services: Robin Wilkinson
  • Frontline Policing: Assistant Commissioner Nick Ephgrave
  • Specialist Operations: Assistant Commissioner Matt Jukes
  • Met Operations: Assistant Commissioner Louise Rolfe
  • Professionalism: Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball
  • Chief Digital & Technology Officer: Darren Scates

Executive structure

Assistant Commissioner: Nick Ephgrave

Specialist Crime

DAC Graham McNulty
T/Cmdr Alexis Boon
Cmdr Dave McLaren


Local Policing

DAC Laurence Taylor

Violence Reduction

Cmdr Alex Murray

Local Commanders

T/Cmdr Helen Harper
Cmdr Alison Heydari
Cmdr Paul Brodgen


Special Constabulary

Chief Officer Jon Conway

Assistant Commissioner: Matt Jukes

Security and Protection

DAC Matt Twist

Protection Command

Cmdr Helen Millichap

Security / Aviation Command

Cmdr Simon Dobinson


Senior National Co-ordinator

DAC Dean Haydon

Counter Terrorism Command

Cmdr Richard Smith

Deputy Senior National Coordinator

ACC Tim Jacques


Director Counter Terrorism Policing

Richard Westlake

Assistant Commissioner: Louisa Rolfe


DAC Barbara Gray

Uniformed Operations

Cmdr Kyle Gordon

Criminal Justice

T/Cmdr Sue Williams

Public Order

T/Cmdr Ade Adelekan

Covid-19 and Public Order

T/DAC Jane Connors

Covert and Intel

Lindsey Chiswick

Intelligence and Covert Policing

Cmdr Rachel Williams


Operational Support Services

Marie Heracleous


Forensic Services

Chris Porter

Assistant Commissioner: Helen Ball

Professional Standards

T/DAC Bas Javid

Head of Profession, DPS

Cmdr Paul Betts

Head of Profession, Investigations

Cmdr Jon Savell

Head of Profession, Crime Prevention, Inclusion and Engagement

Cmdr Catherine Roper


Head of Profession, Safeguarding

Cmdr Melanie Dales

Director of Learning

Alex Walsh

Met Training

Cmdr Adrian Usher



DAC Amanda Pearson

T/Director: Darren Scates

Service Delivery Director

Alex Blatchford

Technology and Business Engagement Director

Mark McLeod

Solution Delivery Director

David Pitty

Chief of Corporate Services: Robin Wilkinson

T/Director Communication

Ruth Shulver

Director Legal Services

Steven Bramley

Director HR

Clare Davies

Director Strategy and Governance

Roisha Hughes

T/Director Transformation

Donna Haynes

DAC Corporate Services

Stuart Cundy

Director Property Services

Vince Fihosy

Director Finance

Ian Percival

Director Commercial

Mark Roberts


Duncan Ball


Bidisha Kondal


DAC Matt Home