The Met has released reports and other documentation in relation to the death of Blair Peach in 1979.

Blair Peach attended a demonstration against a National Front meeting in Southall on the 23rd April 1979. At about 12.10am on the 24th April he died in hospital. Post mortems later showed he died of a head injury. At the time of his death there was a thorough investigation which stated that fourteen witnesses said they saw a police officer hit Blair Peach and that there is no evidence which shows he received the injury in any other way.

This of course is and has always been a grave concern to the Met.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have provided us independent advice stating that there is nothing which would currently justify carrying out a further investigation. Considering the understandable amount of public interest and the significant amount of time that has passed, now that we have had this advice from the CPS, we have shared the reports with the family of Blair Peach and the public.

More information about what the Met has released, what we have done to enable us to share these documents as well as a comment from the Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, is included below.