Cyber Choices is a national programme designed to reduce cyber crime, including illegal hacking of computers and networks, denial of service and the writing, distribution or deployment of malware. These are offences under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

The programme has four main aims:

  1. Explain the difference between legal and illegal cyber activity.
  2. Encourage individuals to make informed choices in their use of technology.
  3. Deter and/or divert individuals from cyber crime.
  4. Promote legal and ethical cyber opportunities.

Cyber Choices is co-ordinated by the National Crime Agency – the Met, along with the City of London Police, are responsible for telling people in London about the programme.

We do this by:

  • giving presentations to large audiences 
  • attending events to raise awareness of the Computer Misuse Act and the consequences of breaching it
  • telling people about interesting and legal ways to use and develop their cyber skills

We work with specific individuals who may be vulnerable to committing cyber crime and divert them onto a more productive path by using educational visits, workshops and online training.

Help your child make the right choice

Cyber Choices also helps parents/teachers/youth workers know what to look out for if they’re concerned about their child or a young person they work with. We'll give them advice on how to safeguard the young person and divert them onto a more positive path. 

Ask the Cyber Choices team for help

The Cyber Choices team can arrange or deliver informative presentations in schools, youth groups or other organisations in London to raise awareness of the Computer Misuse Act and point out positive ways young people can develop cyber skills.

To find out more or to ask the team for a presentation, please email the Cyber Choices team.

If you don’t have secure email, please send any personal data in a password-protected Winzip file and send the password separately.

We've created some resources that you can download to show some of the exciting opportunities available online to legally test and develop your cyber skills.

Refer someone to the cyber choices team

Anyone can refer someone they feel would benefit from working with the Cyber Choices team. Parents, teachers, social workers or police officers often make referrals. Joining the Cyber Choices programme is voluntary.

To refer someone, please click the 'Start' button to complete our quick and simple online form,

Please note, even if someone is referred to the Cyber Choices programme, any safeguarding concerns you have about them must still be reported to the relevant authority, and if you think a crime has been committed you must report it to us immediately.

The Cyber Choices team can't work with anyone who's subject to a cyber crime investigation until the conclusion of the case.



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