6. Recruitment process

The different stages of the recruitment process for Special Constables are detailed below, so you know what to expect at each stage. If you require additional support, contact the recruitment team.

Complete our quick and simple online application form.

The details you provide will be assessed against our suitability criteria to become a Special and you will undergo a Police National Computer (PNC) check.

If your application passes an initial screen and PNC check, you’ll be invited to an assessment centre to undergo a written and a competency based question (CBQ) interview in order to to examine your core competencies, values and motivations for joining.

Upon successful completion of your written and competency exercises, you will be invited to undergo a job-related fitness test (JRFT) and medical health assessment; carried out by a registered nurse. This includes eyesight, hearing and blood pressure tests.

Further checks will be conducted and include DNA, fingerprint and substance misuse tests. You will also undertake a job specific fitness test.

The fitness test is a multi-stage shuttle run (MSSR) and individuals need to achieve level 5.4 (the aerobic requirement of the officer safety training).

Download the Met's six week training programme to complete the job related fitness test.

If you pass, you will receive a conditional offer that same day with details about the start date of your training to become a special constable.

You will then undergo vetting reference checks and CTC security checks to gain security clearance.

The background checks that we conduct here are more in-depth than those conducted at eligibility stage via the Police National Computer. We search many national and local information databases.

It is essential that you are open, honest and transparent with us when completing the initial application form and also the vetting questionnaire form towards the end of the process.

Not disclosing information on your vetting form may delay you joining or even mean your application is rejected. If in doubt, seek advice and/or declare the information on your forms.

Experienced officers (transferees or retired police officers)

Alongside new applicants, we welcome interest from experienced Specials at all ranks, as well as retired police offers who are looking to volunteer.

Experienced officer applications

For those applying to join the MPS with experience, there is a section in the form where you can declare your current (or recent: within five years) service with another police force. When you apply, a reference will be obtained from your current force and, provided it is satisfactory, you will not have to complete the Day 1 assessment centre (written and CBQ exercises). All applicants will have to pass the Day 2 Assessment. If your application is successful, the training you have already completed will be taken into account when your MSC (Metropolitan Special Constabulary) training programme is devised.

For further information or an informal discussion, please email MSC.Recruitment@met.pnn.police.uk.

For further information about what special constables do in the Metropolitan Police, visit our Meet our Specials page or follow @MPSSpecials on Twitter.

Throughout the process, you can check the status of a pre-existing application online, without having to email or call the Recruitment Team. Simply visit the portal for existing users and Login.

It's the best place to get the latest information about which stage you are at in the application and selection process, providing advice about each stage of the process and what you can do to prepare for the selection centre and the medical/fitness tests. Please visit your application and login to the candidate portal.

Recruitment contact details:

If you have questions about the recruitment process, the progress of your application or anything else along the way to becoming a special constable, contact the recruitment team:

The recruitment team is currently experiencing a high call volumes due to Covid-19 enquiries. We encourage you to direct your questions via live chat in the first instance.

Live chat with recruitment team (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 8:30pm)

Telephone: 01633 632500

Email: enquiries.policejobs@police.sscl.com