Different professional and support staff posts attract different basic salary awards. What you receive is determined by where your role is positioned on a complex pay scale.


Pay scales are divided into 115 points and grouped into seven basic pay bands:

  • Band A: £65,444 to £75,954
  • Band B: £47,538 to £58,438
  • Band C: £36,334 to £43,804
  • Band D: £29,201 to £31,415
  • Band E: £25,591 to £27,545
  • Band F: £22,691 to £24,830
  • Band G: £21,125 to £21,357

Each band represents a group of individual roles that are of similar value to the Met, as defined by a standardised and fair job evaluation system. There are also a number of ‘shadow bands’ (H-Y) that reflect the value and salaries of particular specialist roles that don’t fit into the basic band structure. For example, Band H is for team leader lawyers and ranges from £79,529 to £88,776.

Whichever band your role is in, each year you move up a point on the scale until you reach the maximum permitted in your band. Of course, it’s also possible to progress in your career and move between bands.

Additional allowances

If your role requires you to work shifts, you may also be entitled to an additional shift disturbance allowance of 12.5%, 15% or 20%, depending on your shift pattern.

On top of that, professional and support staff are also eligible for an additional location allowance, which varies according to the precise location of your work.

‘Zone 1’ covers inner London boroughs and attracts an extra £2,148 a year. ‘Zone 2’ (outer London) attracts £1,043.


You’ll also enjoy the kind of great benefits that you’d expect from one of London's largest employers. These include annual leave, civil service pension arrangements, interest free season ticket loans, membership of Met sports and social clubs, flexible working conditions and many more.

Annual leave

For police staff, annual leave entitlement depends on your length of service as follows:

  • less than five years’ service – 28 days
  • five years’ plus service – 33 days

If you are part-time your leave is calculated pro-rata to the hours you work a week.


When you start as a member of police staff, you'll have a choice of joining one of the civil service pension schemes:

The Alpha pension scheme is a CARE (career average revalued earnings) pension scheme which offers a guaranteed pension with an optional lump sum, based on the earnings you receive during your career. The Met and you will contribute and you will receive tax relief on the contributions you make.

The Partnership pension scheme. The value of the pension pot when you retire will depend on the contributions paid in and the returns on your investments. You can use the resulting pot to fund your retirement. The Met will make contributions on your behalf and you will receive tax relief on any contributions you make.

If you already have a pension it may be possible to transfer it into the civil service pension arrangements.

Financial services

Metfriendly offers a number of financial services, including:

  • Savings products
  • Investment products
  • Protection products