This is the first download of data since the introduction of the new UoF form in April 2017, because of this data recorded prior to April 2017 is not comparable.

Figures only include those forms that have a started and a completed timestamp.

Only those where the incident date is 1st April 2017 or thereafter are included and any test records have been deleted.

Where a table shows breakdown by Tactic, please note that these are unique counts. So, if the same tactic is used more than once in an incident it is only counted once. However, as more than one tactic can be used in a single incident, the overall totals for these will be greater than the incident counts.

Where the tactic of use was CED Taser, only the use of highest severity is counted. So, if a taser was drawn and fired only the instance of it being fired will be counted.

The figures take into account incidents that have been recorded as "Out of force".

The data in this report is spilt by Use of Force by individual officers (UoF) and Use of Force for Public Order (UoFPO).