MetTrace is our project to reduce burglary across London. Over the coming months, we’ll be visiting one in seven London homes to offer crime prevention advice and free SmartWater® forensic property marking kits. The use of SmartWater has been proven to reduce burglary by 85% and led to a 100% conviction rate in court. Find out how to get involved and start using SmartWater below.

Advice tool

I haven’t received a ‘Missed you’ card from the Met

Thank you. In this case, we may not be delivering MetTrace packs in your area yet. However, you can still get your hands on a SmartWater kit in one of these ways:

To learn more about MetTrace and how we use SmartWater to help recover stolen property, visit our What is MetTrace? page.

To find out if we're planning to distribute MetTrace packs near you soon, please visit your local police station. Find yours on our Contact us page.