Here is a list of all the questions we could ask you when you report a missing person online.

This gives you a chance to gather all the information before you start filling out the form. The more detail we get the better, but do not worry if you don’t have all of the information the form asks for.

If you remember something after you have finished this form, you can tell us about it online later.

Depending on your answers to questions we ask you at the start, we may not ask you all of these questions. For example, we will not ask you questions about risks to children if you tell us the missing person is 18 or over.


Date of birth

Email address

Phone number



Nicknames or aliases

Date of birth or age





Communication issues

Their relationship to you

Next of kin

School, college or university

Jobs and employers

Main home address

Home phone number

Mobile phone number(s)

Do you think they have a mobile phone with them?

Email addresses

Other current or previous addresses they might have gone to

Social media accounts

Tracking apps

Are they spending time with any adults who you think may be a risk to them?

Do they have any unexplained money, gifts or other possessions?

Are they looked after in a children's home, by foster carers or by members of their family who aren't their parents?




Hair colour, length and style

Facial hair

Identifying marks

Anything else about their physical appearance that would be useful for us to know

What happened before and around the disappearance

What have you done so far to look for them and confirm that they are missing?

What you think has happened and what dangers (if any) you think the person might be in

When were they last seen (by you or anybody else)?

Who was the last person or people to see them?

Anything important about the place they were last seen

What happened immediately before they went missing?

What were they planning to do when they were last seen?

What kind of mood were they in or what were they thinking when they were last seen?

Do you think they are likely to be hurt or harmed?

Do you think they are at risk of sexual exploitation?

Can they look after themselves?

Is it possible they could have travelled abroad?

Is going missing out of character?

Do you think they are dressed suitably for the weather?

Do they have any favourite or familiar places they might go?

Were they with anyone when they went missing?

Did they pack a bag?

Did they take spare clothes?

Did they leave a note?

Have they been missing before?

Please tell us about any other details, concerns or known risks we have not asked about

What they were wearing when they went missing, on their:

  • head
  • upper body
  • lower body
  • feet

Do they have any jewellery or accessories?

Do they have

  • any cash on them?
  • access to more money?
  • any travel passes with them?
  • access to a vehicle? If yes, please give details

Are there any recent or upcoming anniversaries of significant events?

Have there been any significant changes at work, at school, at university or in their personal life?

Do they have any financial troubles?

Are they having any issues in their relationships with friends, family, partners or other people in their life?

Have there been any changes in family circumstances recently?

Have they been a victim of racist abuse, homophobia, bullying, violence or abuse?

Do they have any religious beliefs or influences?

Are they involved in any criminal activity?

Are they the subject of any orders, such as wanted person, bail, mental health orders, care orders?

Any medical issues this person has

Are they prescribed any regular medication?

Do they have a substance abuse problem, for example a problem with alcohol or drugs?

GP's details

Any other professionals we should know about, such as a psychiatrist or therapist?

Anyone else we should talk to, for example:

  • closest friends
  • social worker
  • colleagues

The maximum file size we can accept is 5MB. We can only accept still photos, not video.

How old is the photograph you have uploaded?