If your car has gone missing in London, follow the simple steps below to track it down or, in the worst case, report it as stolen.

Step 1: Check where you left it

It sounds ridiculous but if your car is missing our first advice is always to double check where you parked it. So often a missing car, presumed stolen, is exactly where the owner left it - they simply forgot.

Many cars these days come with GPS trackers to locate them if they are lost or stolen. If this is the case for your car, please contact your dedicated tracking service before contacting the Met - if the car genuinely appears to have been stolen they will usually contact us on your behalf.

Step 2: Contact TRACE

The second most common reason for a missing vehicle is that it has been removed by the council for illegal parking.

TRACE is the locating service for any vehicle that has been towed away by any council in London. TRACE can advise which pound the vehicle has been moved to and the procedure for release.

Unless you have reason to believe your car has been stolen, please call TRACE on 0300 123 2040 (textphone 0300 123 2050) or visit trace.london.

Step 3: Call 101

101 is the UK’s non-emergency police contact number. If you haven’t been able to find your car using TRACE, please call us. We’ll take down details of the missing vehicle and talk you through the next steps.

Please have the following information ready, if possible:

  • A description of the vehicle, including any obvious damage, or unique features such as 'go faster stripes', or 'UV lights underneath'.
  • The vehicle registration mark (VRM)
  • Its last known location
  • An approximate timescale to when the theft took place
  • Any known CCTV locations that may have captured the offence
  • Are any keys for the vehicle missing?
  • Are you aware of any witnesses to the incident?
  • Did you see who stole your vehicle?