The capital is changing and we must change with it. We want to be a Met that looks and feels like London. And we want all of our communities to value our work and the difference it makes.

There are tough budget and crime cutting targets to meet too – in an increasingly complex, connected world that's full of new risks and threats. Here, you’ll find the challenges we face.

Our vision – what we want to achieve

The world's best organisations succeed because they are inspired by a strong vision. To make the scale of our ambition clear, the Met's vision is to:

  1. Make London the safest global city
  2. Be the best crimefighters, by any measure
  3. Earn the trust and confidence of every community
  4. Take pride in the quality of our service
  5. So that people love, respect and are proud of London's Met

Achieving our ambitions – values, standards and behaviours

Our shared values reflect the special nature and demands of policing London. They are so important to us, because they shape and guide the way we work.

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Compassion

Our standards of behaviour translate these values into practice, underpinned by the code of ethics followed by every police force in England and Wales.