London doesn’t stand still, and neither do we; the challenges and opportunities facing us are always changing. The capital is growing and set to be almost 10 million within a decade. Advances in technology are changing social behaviour.

The demand we face is increasing and crime is rising. This, coupled with the current level of funding requires us to prioritise resources intelligently and maintain a keen focus on improving efficiency and productivity.

Our highest operational priority is to bear down on violence in all its forms – significant work is underway to achieve this, working with communities and partners. 

We have a long-term strategy, the Met Direction, which sets out our key priorities over the next seven years, both in terms of the areas we want to excel in operationally and the capabilities we will need to do that.

Our 2020-23 Business Plan articulates the specific initiatives and actions we intend to take, in the short and medium term, to deliver this strategy and to keep London safe for everyone.

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