London is growing, changing. Crime is becoming more complex, more international as well as more likely to take place behind closed doors.

Demand is increasing and as we're all too aware, resources are limited. In fact, on our current calculations, we need to make savings of around £400 million in the next four years just to balance our budget.

With crime patterns changing and a challenging budget, the Met must continually evolve to retain its position as a world-leading police force.

The required pace and scale of change is probably bigger now than at any time in our history if we are to continue to deliver:

  • For the public: building confidence and tackling the issues that matter most to them, notably violence.
  • For our people: leading and equipping them as well as we can, freeing them to make the best decisions.
  • And through our transformation: exploiting the digital potential and becoming a more flexible structure that can work in an agile, collaborative way, and with the most impact possible on public safety.

The Met's business plan sets out our four priorities for us as an organisation for the next year:

  • Tackling violent crime and especially knife crime which affects young people across London.
  • Countering terrorism and reviewing our strategy, tactics and resources in light of the threat.
  • Protecting children and developing a robust approach to tackling child sexual exploitation.
  • Transforming the Met to become a modern police service, using technology and data, skills and engagement to fight crime more effectively.

Of course, this doesn't capture everything we do, but it does set out where we want to make some real progress on this this year.

Further information can be found in the documents below, setting out our actions to improve our approach and capability in a wide range of areas. It highlights how we can help make London the safest global city.

We will be monitoring progress across the plan each quarter and demonstrate how we are delivering against the areas we are responsible for in the Mayor's Police and Crime Plan.