The Met’s Inclusion strategy has three key objectives and seven guiding priorities. Our objectives are to:

  1. Make the Met more reflective of the city we serve
  2. Develop our culture, behaviour and internal processes
  3. Reduce inequalities in our interactions with Londoners     

For the priorities, we want to:

  1. Continue improvement in the recruitment of a more representative Met workforce
  2. Further improve progression, development and retention of officers from underrepresented groups
  3. Improve the levels of fairness and respect in the way that Met workforce feel they are treated by colleagues
  4. Reduce the level of inequalities in satisfaction and confidence.
  5. Increase victim satisfaction for all victims, with particular focus on all hate crimes
  6. Improve our response to public complaints to reduce the gap in satisfaction between complainants from BME and non-BME backgrounds.
  7. Work with academics, industry, private and public sector experts to develop a stronger understanding of the effect and impact of Race on public’s confidence on the Met and implement bespoke research initiatives to improve the public’s negative perception and deliver and equitable service to Black and Minority Ethnic communities.

Many of the priorities we are committing to in this strategy are directly cross referenced from other strategies, such as the Met’s People Strategy and the Met’s Business Plan. These are already in place, with action plans and finance and resources dedicated to delivering the outcomes signposted within them. In this strategy, you will see references to these strategies so that we are clear about where commitments are new and where they are being delivered and monitored through another part of the Met.

Download and read the strategy (PDF - 819KB)