Thousands of mobile phones are stolen in London every year, most commonly through pickpocketing, table surfing, and more recently an increase in snatches by criminals riding on mopeds.

Police run daily operations to target offenders and work with second hand retailers to crack down on stolen mobile phones being sold on. The Be Safe campaign also aims to help people keep their mobile phones safe by:

  • Raising awareness of the real risk of mobile phone theft in hotspot areas.
  • Encouraging mobile phone users to be aware of their surroundings and take steps to minimise their vulnerability to theft.
  • Providing advice on what users can do that can help to minimise the impact should their phone be stolen.
  • Developing partnerships with retailers and industry to make this easier for mobile phone users.

The campaign piloted in 2016 focusing on mobile phone theft in bars and pubs over the festive period in selected hotspot locations. It has since developed to help raise awareness of phone snatches by criminals on mopeds.

This year's campaign focuses on five boroughs in particular where these offences are high – Camden, Islington, Westminster, Hackney and Haringey. However, this is a crime that affects the whole of London, so we want to spread the message far and wide.

Campaign activity includes:

  • Outdoor advertising at bus stops and phone boxes in key streets and near transport hubs. Further advertising in bars and pubs targeting the night time economy.
  • Digital radio advertising and online advertising across our five key boroughs.
  • A digital quiz which prompts people to think about their behaviour and the risk of their phone being snatched.
  • Work with partners to amplify the campaign.

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Supporting this campaign

A range of materials and communication tools are available to download for partners and businesses who would like to support our campaign.