‘Be A Hero and Stop Crime Before it Happens’

You can be a hero by following some simple burglary prevention advice and thereby stopping crime before it happens; that is the message from the Met Police in its latest residential burglary campaign.

The campaign launched in October 2016 and centred on the ‘Be a Hero’ video, a ‘mock hero’ story that celebrates an everyday mother for double locking her door.

Statistics showed that 1 in 5 homes that were burgled in London the previous year had been left unsecured, so while double locking your door won’t stop all thieves, it will help make it harder for them and reduce your risk.

The video also highlights that, by taking small crime prevention steps, everyone can fight crime and be a hero by stopping crime before it happens.

It was supported by a range of media including digital advertising, radio and PR targeted at residents to help them take simple crime prevention steps to reduce their vulnerability against burglary.

Simple steps can make a difference

Research commissioned by the MPS showed that while most people think they have a good awareness of crime prevention, but they are not always carried out for a variety of reasons. For example, some Londoners are so frightened of burglary that they don’t let themselves think about it, so they don’t do anything to reduce their vulnerability. It also found that some people just don’t believe that simple steps can really make a difference.

The campaign aimed to encouraged Londoners to think about crime prevention in a different way and reappraise their security behaviours and the actions they can take to protect themselves by reducing their vulnerability.

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