MetTrace packs and SmartWater® kits both come with instructions on how to register your SmartWater and apply it to your property, but we’ve given a brief overview below. We’ve also included details on what to do if you move house, if you need another bottle of SmartWater or if you sell an item marked with your SmartWater.

What’s in a MetTrace pack?

The officer who delivers your MetTrace pack will talk you through how to register your details and use SmartWater to mark your property.

Each MetTrace pack contains:

  • a bottle of SmartWater forensic property marking fluid
  • two window stickers
  • a leaflet (or a tear-off slip) introducing MetTrace
  • a leaflet explaining how we manage your data
  • a booklet explaining how to apply SmartWater to your items
  • a registration form with a tear off slip

Step 1: Mark your property

SmartWater can be used on a range of objects including electrical items, power tools, bicycles and jewellery. Unsure which of your property to mark? The six most commonly stolen items are:

  • jewellery
  • laptops and tablets
  • games consoles
  • power tools
  • mobile phones
  • bicycles

There is enough SmartWater fluid in a single bottle to mark around 50 items, so feel free to mark as many as you can. As it's only visible under UV light and only a small dab is needed, Smartwater is particularly good for marking jewellery and other items which have important sentimental value to you.

For a quick guide to applying SmartWater to your items, watch the video below.

If you're unsure whether you can mark a particular item, or would like to buy more SmartWater, contact the SmartWater team via or 0800 521 669.

Step 2: Register with SmartWater

Since no two bottles of SmartWater are alike, you'll find a unique code on the side of your bottle. It's important to register this with SmartWater, together with your name and address. This way if your items are stolen and the police recover them, they can send them to SmartWater for forensic analysis. SmartWater will identify you as the owner and the items can then be returned to you.

The officer who delivers your MetTrace pack can help you register by taking your details and passing them onto SmartWater.

SmartWater will share your details with us for crime prevention, analysis and other law enforcement purposes. They will also be shared with your local policing team so that we can keep you updated about policing and crime in your area. You can opt out of this on the registration form if you'd prefer.

For more information about how your data is managed, please see the leaflet enclosed in your MetTrace pack or the details on the tear-off slip that the officer leaves with you.

Step 3: Display your window stickers

Place the stickers supplied in your MetTrace pack in a prominent position near your front and back doors. This is an integral part of keeping your property safe as it lets burglars know that the property inside is protected with SmartWater.

Remember, property marking is just one step to protecting your home against burglars. To find out more about what other actions you can take, see our tips on staying safe from residential burglary.

What to do if you are burgled

Should the worst happen and you find yourself the victim of burglary or theft, firstly report it to the police as soon as possible. Let them know your valuables are marked with SmartWater and, if possible, provide them with your unique SmartWater forensic code.

How to change or update your information

If you move house you can continue to use the same SmartWater kit. Simply update your personal details with the SmartWater team either via or by post:

SmartWater Technology Limited,
PO Box 136,

Be sure to include:

  • your name and address
  • your unique SmartWater forensic code
  • proof of your new address, such as a utility bill

SmartWater can also send you new window stickers free of charge.

If you sell an item that you've previously marked with SmartWater, make sure you provide a receipt to the person buying it. This way they'll always have proof the item is legally theirs and avoid any future complications. If you've listed your marked items with SmartWater or another online service, don't forget to notify them as well.

SmartWater don't charge a fee to update your details.