To attend the OVRO you must now book an appointment online. Appointment times will generally be available from 9am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday (the office is closed on public holidays).

Seven day requirement and your appointment

To satisfy the seven-day legal requirement to register with the police, an appointment must be booked within seven days of arrival in the UK or within seven days of a change in circumstance. This will make sure the requirement to register with the police has been satisfied, even if the first available appointment is beyond seven days.

Walk-in customers

We no longer accept walk in customers.

Carefully read the information and attend your appointment on time to avoid having to re-book

You must make sure you've carefully read the information when booking your appointment as you'll have to bring the relevant documents when attending to register as an overseas visitor or report a change in your circumstances. You'll have to book a new appointment if you don't take the correct documents with you or if you are more than ten minutes late beyond your appointment time. Although your appointment states 30 minutes, you must arrive no later than the time stated in your booking confirmation.

For example: if it is stated that you have a 30 minute appointment between 9.00am to 9.30am, you must attend at 9.00am and not within the 30 minute window

Reporting a change of address?

London to London

If you're reporting only a change of address from one London address to another London address, don't use the online booking system. Please attend a police station within seven days of the change to report this.

Moved into London after having registered with another UK police force

If you've moved into London after having registered with another UK police force, you must make a booking online to attend the OVRO. Please make sure you take the relevant documentation with you, otherwise you'll have to book another appointment.


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