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The public vote for the Met Excellence Awards is now open - and this year Londoners are being given the opportunity to cast their vote in two categories - the Safer Neighbourhoods Team of the Year and Special Constable of the Year awards.

The Met Excellence Awards is the force’s annual celebration of the outstanding work achieved throughout the year by the Met family - be they officers, staff or volunteers.

You can vote until Friday, 16 February for any of the seven nominees who have made the shortlist. They cover a range of great achievements: tackling anti-social behaviour, fighting drug and weapons crime, improving community confidence, and selflessly giving up their time to help us keep London safe.

Vote for your favourite

To help you cast your vote we’ve made a short film clip of each nomination. Watch each video and then click on the link to cast your vote. You will only be able to vote once in each category.

Winners will be announced at the ceremony in March.

Happy voting!

Safer Neighbourhoods Team of the Year nominees

Burnt Oak

“Diligent, professional, hard-working and dedicated local problem solvers”

Burnt Oak in the borough of Barnet have worked tirelessly over the past year to help combat a rise in anti-social behaviour across the local area. The team worked closely with local partners to tackle this issue.

They arranged for special lighting in areas where drug use had been identified, preventing intravenous drug use. They took part in joint licensing operations to identify licensed shops selling stolen alcohol as well as participating in the Community Payback scheme to remove litter caused by street drinkers.

In the last year, anti-social behaviour has reduced by 52% as a result of the team’s hard work and continued efforts to make their ward a better place for all those who live and work there. The team have also received letters of thanks and praise from local residents who say ““The atmosphere was becoming somewhere we didn't want to be anymore.” “The officers were friendly, kind and diligent, thank you for making the shop a better place to be. You are the way that all police officers should be.” “Thanks for restoring my faith in the police.”

Inspector Jason Moseley, the team’s nominating officer, says:

“The Burnt Oak officers have shown immense tenacity in problem solving a local issue. They are diligent, professional, hard-working and dedicated local problem solvers”

If you think that the Burnt Oak team should win the award for Safer Neighbourhoods Team of the Year at this year’s Excellence Awards, click here to cast your vote.


“A professional team dedicated to working in partnership to safeguard its residents”

Over the last year, the Safer Neighbourhood team at Tooting have worked vigorously in response to a large drug and anti-social behaviour issue in the area, which had escalated into gang and youth violence which sadly led to three fatal stabbings.

The team identified eight gang members from a rap video posted onto YouTube. The eight were then prosecuted for 33 offences including drug supply and possession of weapons. Close relations to the community of Tooting allowed the team to execute over 50 warrants and carried out a huge number of weapons sweeps, recovering over 100 weapons and over £150,000 worth of drugs.

When community tensions and disorder arose following the local mosque’s ban on the practice of self-flagellation during the Muslim festival of Ashura, the team arranged for visits to the mosque. During these visits, they addressed the thousands of worshippers who come to Tooting each year to participate, explained the ban and the mosque’s desire to increase family attendance. They also identified those intending to break the ban and supported the mosque in getting more than 30 injunctions against them. As a result of the team’s actions, attendance increased 30%, no-one broke the ban, and the team received the Community PEACE award.

Inspector Barrie Capper, the team’s nominating officer, says:

“The team have fully engaged their diverse community, supported national faith celebrations, investigated and prosecuted those involved in drug markets and gangs and kept the community safe. They are a professional unit, dedicated to working to safeguard their local residents”.

If you think that the Tooting team should win the award for Safer Neighbourhoods Team of the Year at this year’s Excellence Awards, click here to cast your vote.

Tottenham Green

“A team with relentless drive to reduce crime and engage with the community”

The team at Tottenham Green have accomplished great results in tackling the issue of high crime in the local area, whilst building community confidence around engagement and visibility. Drug dealers have found themselves hounded and crack houses closed, with the vulnerable being re-housed.

As a result of the team’s intelligence gathering and weapon sweeps, 15 warrants have been carried out and 124 arrests made. Patrols conducted in an area of high knife crime and robberies led to 180 stop and searches. This activity was all supported with engagement events in local colleges and schools.

The team has tackled anti-social behaviour by working with the council to clean up the local park and to install a public gym. They engage proactively with residents via social media, attend numerous community events, and have set up neighbourhood watches.

The local Ward Chair praised their “approachability, professionalism and resourcefulness have helped to regain trust and confidence in an area of London which has its fair share of issues. The team is a fine example of how well our police force is maintaining and developing an effective and beneficial relationship with the Tottenham Green community.”

Inspector Jonathan Waterfield, the team’s nominating officer, says:

“The team are unrelenting in their fight against crime and their desire to protect the vulnerable. Their drive to work with partners and other agencies have improved the local environment for all residents and helps put the Met in the heart of the community.”

If you think that the Tottenham Green team should win the award for Safer Neighbourhoods Team of the Year at this year’s Excellence Awards, click here to cast your vote.

Special Constable of the Year nominees

Special Sergeant Shane Clarke

“A proactive officer who goes above and beyond what is expected of him”

Special Police Sergeant Shane Clarke spends much of his spare time volunteering in his home borough of Barnet. Matching many of his full time colleagues, Shane averages 48 hours a week as a special on top of his full time day job as a postman. He has fast become a valued and inspiring member of the team. Approachable and motivated, Shane also manages the development and training of the borough’s MSC (Met’s Special Constabulary) officers and puts every effort into training new recruits, through this work, he has been commended for his exceptional leadership skills and coaching style.

Shane’s nominating officer, Simone O’Neill says:

“Shane is known by everyone at Barnet for his outstanding work, enthusiasm and commitment which goes far beyond what could be expected. He is supportive and approachable and a very effective mentor.”

If you think that Shane should win the award for Special Constable at this year’s Excellence Awards, click here to cast your vote.

Special Constable Curtis O’Regan

“A thoroughly professional officer who always puts others above himself”

A Special Constable since 2011, Curtis O’Regan is recognised as ‘an exceptional officer’ who’s worked almost as many hours as a regular police office, giving over 1,000 hours of his time each year. In his day to day life, Curtis works on a local building site in Wembley. If this was not enough, he devotes the rest of his spare time to working as an Army Cadet Force volunteer in Camden.

After a proactive stop, Curtis saw the recovery of over £100,000 worth of vintage whiskey which had been stolen from the West Midlands area, two suspects were arrested and transferred to Birmingham.

Curtis’ nominating officer, Tony Wadham, says:

“Curtis deserves this nomination for the commitment he has shown to the Brent borough, his response team and indeed the Met as a whole. His outstanding commitment and performance is clearly way above the norm for a Special Constable. He puts the public and everyone else first as he feels fulfilled in helping others and has made a massively positive impact on all the communities in Brent.”

If you think that Curtis should win the award for Special Constable at this year’s Excellence Awards, click here to cast your vote.

Special Constable Vicky Leopard

“A dedicated, hardworking and reliable volunteer who never expects anything in return”

Special Constable Vicky Leopard has volunteered over 800 hours as lead volunteer in Enfield’s Cadet Unit within the last year. Vicky became a Special Constable whilst at university, allowing her to gain experience of the job that has been her dream since childhood, whilst also studying for her degree and then her masters. one of her first steps towards achieving her childhood dream of being a police office. Vicky diligently organises and runs Cadet camps, prepares the Cadets for annual competitions and leads two squads of her own. As a result of her hard work and dedication, Enfield’s Volunteer Police Cadets have four new volunteer instructors who will help to run the local Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Vicky’s nominating officer, Julian Pell-Coggins, says:

“Vicky’s dedication to the Met is truly inspiring. She has made a visible change to the attitudes of young people attending Enfield’s Cadet Unit and she is an excellent role model to them. Vicky is dedicated, hardworking and reliable and never expects anything in return.”

If you think that Vicky should win the award for Special Constable at this year’s Excellence Awards, click here to cast your vote.

Special Sergeant Geoff Tatman

“Volunteering to deliver a truly world class service”

A serving member of police staff in his day job, Special Sergeant Geoff Tatman has completed almost 800 hours of duties this past year alone. In his day job, Geoff is a call handler at the Met’s Contact Centre in Lambeth. After serving as a Special on Greenwich borough for several years, Geoff has recently been instrumental in the formation of a new Specials’ Vehicle Enforcement Team – designed to seize hundreds of uninsured and stolen vehicles.

Going above and beyond the standard call of duty, Geoff has independently created and organised the Eltham Park Festival which was attended by over 2,000 people and policed by 20 of his fellow special constables. A letter sent to the Mayor of London by a member of the public praised Geoff’s achievements, saying “fantastic to see a high police presence and community engagement – reminds the community the police are not something to be afraid of, but a trusted part of our community. Proud to say I was born in London, today reiterated why I will continue to be”

Geoff’s nominating officer, James Clements, says:

“Geoff is an excellent officer and leader who goes above and beyond his call of duty. He goes above and beyond in organising events on a grand scale that have led the public to praise his work to our previous Commissioner and the Mayor of London. He is volunteering to deliver a truly world class service.”

If you think that Geoff should win the award for Special Constable at this year’s Excellence Awards, click here to cast your vote.

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