Notice of a gross misconduct hearing to be held in public for PC Andrew Turner

Date/time: 9.30am, Monday 14 June 2021

Venue: Empress State Building, Lillie Rd, London

Name of the officer concerned: PC Andrew Turner

Currently based at: SN-CU

The conduct that is the subject matter of the case and how that conduct is alleged to amount to misconduct or gross misconduct as the case may be, as set out in the notice given in accordance with Regulation 30 :

It is alleged that In June 2020 PC Turner accessed details within a crime report and subsequently made contact with a female suspect, undertaking inappropriate conversations with her.

It is alleged that in doing so the following Standards of Professional Behaviour have been breached :

  • Confidentiality
  • Authority, Respect and Courtesy

The matter set out above is alleged to amount to gross misconduct in that it is so serious as to justify dismissal.

Please note: that the hearing will be held at Empress State Building, viewing is via video link to a dedicated room at Empress State Building, Lillie Road, SW6 1TR.

The identity of victims/witnesses will be protected during the hearing as appropriate.

If you wish to attend please register via our website 

Please ensure that you have read the conditions of entry prior to booking.

Please note that reduced numbers and Covid-19 social distancing restrictions will be enforced within the public gallery until further notice.