Notice of hearing for former Special Constable Najib Ahmed

Name of the officer concerned: Former Special Constable Najib Ahmed

Currently based at: CN-CU

Date of the hearing: 8th – 11th March 2021

Time of the hearing: 1000hrs

Venue of hearing: Empress State Building, Lillie Rd, London

The conduct that is the subject matter of the case and how that conduct is alleged to amount to misconduct or gross misconduct as the case may be, as set out in the notice given in accordance with Regulation 21(1)

It is alleged that on 25th October 2018 Special Constable Ahmed was arrested after having robbed a victim in the street in the early hours of the morning.

It is alleged that in doing so the following Standards of Professional Behaviour have been breached :

  • Discreditable conduct

The hearing will be conducted in private in compliance with current Government enforced Covid 19 legislation. Consideration will be given to publication of the Outcome rationale in part or in full at the conclusion of the hearing, subject to representations permitted by the parties involved.