artwork by Croydon College students

Alex Campbell - Together we are London

We are London poster"I came up with a design using basic Photoshop techniques in an attempt to get police in the met to join the trident unit. My main intention for my poster was to have a sense of unity and cohesion." See a larger version of the poster >>

Haddon Storey-Walker - They need u

They need you poster "My concept was to play off of the old world war recruitment poster, being personal and making the reader involved with a modern twist. I didn't want my poster to be overworked so I kept it simple and to the point." See a larger version of the poster >>

Kelsey Stevenson - Prevent to reduce

Prevent to reduce poster "The main eye catcher for my poster is the word prevent which fits in to the slogan expand to prevent, prevent to reduce, saying expanding the amount of recruits, helps reduce the problem. I gave my poster has a simple layout so the message is clear in white on a black background with prevent in red to stand out, I also used the T from the trident logo in the slogan to advertise the logo to people." See a larger version of the poster >>

Lasselle Josephs - More than a uniform

More than a uniform poster "In my poster I tried to focus on using one image, and a very short message so that would make police force think rather than just look at a colourful poster. I purposely didn't add any positive pictures because I knew that Trident's work isn't just an office job. However, this was pointed out it could be offensive to officers, but I needed to get the message across." See a larger version of the poster >>

Ryan Hines - Help dry these tears

Help dry these tears poster "Join trident and dry these tears, her sons been killed and she's living in fear, streets are dangerous and guns are tucked near the groin, so much can be prevented if you choose to join.' This image was created to inspire the police officers to join a force that's aim is to clear the streets of gun crime and make London a safer place for the whole community. This image was also aimed for black officers in particular and I thought the image of a black mum would capture or jerk an emotion out of my set audience as its more relevant and easily recognisable." See a larger version of the poster >>

Shadrach Olusanya - Opening doors of Opportunity

Opening doors of Opportunity poster "I used this strap line as it gives a vibe that will encourage officers of the police force black or white to join Trident. I wanted the strap line to reach out to an open audience to tell them that there are a variety of jobs available in Trident with the key words "opening doors". I think with the use of the door I feel that it is a symbol of furthering their career also using a white and black piece and symbolic objects so that there isn't so much to take in and process. Choosing this will not be stopping their goals and ambitions but strengthening them and progressing to a higher future." See a larger version of the poster >>

Shamul Gohel - Make a mark

Make a mark poster "The brief handed to us by the trident team told us to concentrate on bringing black males and females to the team. To make this happen I tried to make an image by finding approprate photos. I created a thumbprint with a pad lock around it. The slogan on the top was "make a mark join Trident". And the trident logo at the bottom of the image. This should try to help the community's understand." See a larger version of the poster >>

Tom May - Communities Win

Communities Win poster "I designed a poster that was shortlisted to be used as the internal recruitment campaign for Trident, the police armed response team dealing with gun crime in the black community. I used the strap line "if you're in, communities win!" I thought a catchy strap line would be memorable. A picture of a black mother and her children was used to illustrate the fact that these would be the people being protected if they would enlist. A man wasn't included as it was targeted towards black male officers. The faces of the people are smiling also indicating a feeling of safety. I used silhouettes of a crowd of people to fill half of the background to show a community and with the top half of the poster I put the strap line and the Trident logo. The overall colour of the design was a bold black and white, which gave a striking and eye catching impression." See a larger version of the poster >>

Shannon Rose - Bridge the Gap

          the Gap poster"In my image I concentrated on the idea of bridging the gaps between communities and the police. Through simplicity with geometric shapes and abstract styling, I believe simple sticks. Circling around the idea that members of a community will misunderstand and misconceive the efforts and bravery shown by the police to make their communities a safer place to live. This in turn will be an opportunity for police to understand the communities they protect." See a larger version of the poster >>

Help us make Peace - Tiffany Crossland

Help us make peace poster "When trying to encourage existing members of the police force into joining the anti gun campaign the focus was on positively inspiring potential officers to think how they can effect their community and change lives by specializing in the anti gun sector. Simple colouring and motif with a strong message help portray the national idea of peace within our community and encourage change within individuals and forging strong teams." See a larger version of the poster >>

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