Detective Chief Superintendent Mick Duthie

He has been in the Met for 28 years, worked in homicide for almost a decade and personally worked on over 50 murders.

I have three children and as a parent it does hit home. You look at your kids and you think ‘what would I do if I lost one of mine?’

Unlike gun crime, it is difficult to stop the supply of knives. I go into my kitchen and there are a number of potentially lethal weapons kept there. I would hope that none of my kids would go out with one.

With the availability of knives, it’s about making people – in particular young people – aware that carrying a knife, or using a knife in violent circumstances has enormous consequences.

Because if someone carries a knife and stabs somebody else, they may not intend to kill them, but that is the reality of what can happen.

Regularly we get reports a victim suffered a single stab wound. An artery has been cut and the victim bleeds out really, really quickly and dies. That’s the reality.

You might be carrying a knife as you are worried that someone is after you and you might want to protect yourself. But that is not the way to go about it. Carrying a knife and using it will not protect you from prosecution.

Carrying and then using a knife shows you are intending to cause someone serious harm and that comes with a hefty prison sentence. If that person dies, that will result in a life sentence.

That life sentence is not just for the offender either. Families and loved ones of victims are subjected to a life without a child or a sibling or a partner.

And the offender is also someone’s child or sibling or even a parent and their incarceration will be a loss to those around them as well.

If someone you know carries a knife, they should be made to think about why are they doing this and what is the worst that could happen. What’s the worst case scenario?

London is safe compared to other cities, but if we can stop people carrying and using knives, through education, diversion or intervention, we are going to make things safer and I will be a much happier man.