One deputy headteacher from South London discusses the impact her Safer Schools Officer has with pupils.

PC Gary Arterton is a member of our school community. Every morning he joins members of the senior leadership team on the school gate, greeting students and parents. PC Arterton has a very high profile in the school; he delivers assemblies and presents to students on a range of topics from personal safety to the law and joint enterprise.

As the deputy headteacher I work very closely with PC Arterton to ensure that any concerns regarding our students safety is shared. PC Arterton will support the school in preventative work, often meeting with parents and children to support and advise.

PC Arterton is welcomed by students and parents. Every lunch time he is in our playground talking with students. They will approach him as he is so approachable. They will ask for advice, share concerns or simply chat.

We are very fortunate as PC Arterton has very strong links in our immediate community – a youth boxing programme – Double Jab and Police Cadets.

Due to PC Arterton’s high profile and excellent communication skills our students attend both programmes, developing confidence and skills.

We are very lucky to have a Safer Schools Officer with us in Lewisham. Our staff, students, parents and wider school community all appreciate PC Arterton and his impact.