1. About the transformation

Every person, every community, every single day: we aim to protect London 24/7 and create a safer city for all. In fact, our vision is to make the capital the safest global city. For that, we need to transform every aspect of how we operate. It’s the biggest transformation in the Met’s history - and this is an opportunity to play your part in it.

Our transformation is a huge undertaking. As the UK's largest police service, we employ more than 40,000 people and account for 25% of the national policing budget. Our transformation programmes will change how we operate, establish new ways of engaging with communities and move more services online – all while equipping our people with modern technology. At the same time, we will build our capability to exploit data and become more intelligence-led.

The scale, breadth and pace of our transformation is unparalleled, and we are looking for the best talent to help us deliver our ambitious vision. This is your chance to help shape the police service of the future – and to work with highly driven and committed professionals from across the breadth of policing services. With your help, we can make it happen.

Our Transformation Directorate is a best-in-class, in-house professional change capability with four functions:

  • Programme delivery
  • Portfolio office
  • Integrated design and delivery
  • Business change

While each has its own responsibilities, they work together as a centre of transformation expertise. You’ll benefit from a bespoke learning and development programme, which will help you build your career. This includes an extensive series of masterclasses, action learning and peer coaching; everything you need to develop your skills.

Whether you've worked in the public or private sector, your expertise could prove critical to our success. With your help, we can make improvements and embed change right across the board. From tackling organised crime to protecting vulnerable people we will be equipped to respond to every challenge more effectively and more efficiently. You’ll have a unique view of today's front line policing, the challenges we face and how we're addressing them. Join us and experience a role that's unlike any other.

To find out more about our transformation, please watch these videos.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Alison Newcomb is the senior police officer responsible for transformation in the Met. In this video she describes the impact that our work has on front line policing.
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Peter Fox is the Transformation Director at the Met; he is responsible for the setup and delivery of our transformation capability. In this video he describes the work of the Transformation Directorate (TD) and our portfolio, and his vision for the future.
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The TD is made up of four functions: Programme Delivery, Portfolio Office, Integrated Design & Delivery, and Business Change. In this video, a selection of the function heads describe what they are looking for from candidates.
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In this video, some colleagues within the TD tell you what it's like to work at the heart of transformation at the Met.
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Please read on to learn more about the different areas and opportunities.