1. Overview

Salary: £22,973 to £25,521 plus £1,331 location allowance. You will receive £22,973 the band minimum. Progress to the band maximum of £25,521 will be via incremental progression.

Recruitment code: WCN1388

Location: North Woolwich Police Station

Closing date: 11:55pm, 2 April 2018

Every person, every plane, every day: help us provide security for a key London transport hub.

Millions of people pass through London City Airport every year – and it's the Met's job to protect them. This challenge falls to our firearms command, based at our station in north Woolwich. With nearly 60 officers responsible for keeping crews, passengers and airport staff safe, it's vital that the station operations run as smoothly as possible.

This is an opportunity to support armed police officers working in Aviation Policing. As Office Manager, you'll be in charge of organising the roster for 10 sergeants and 47 constables. You'll react to personnel shortages and see that staff receive mandatory training. With careful planning, you'll ensure the airport has daily protection from a highly skilled armed team.

We'll also look to you to maintain a fully functioning armoury and keep the station safe and secure. You'll manage the Firearms Issuing Officer and be responsible for Health & Safety. This involves inspecting all areas and taking charge of building management – security systems are crucial and must be well maintained.

This unique policing environment calls for specialist skills and knowledge. You should have worked with fully armed commands and supervised extensive armouries. We're looking for proven experience of deploying officers, managing facilities and meeting Health and Safety guidelines. And as a representative for Aviation Policing, you must be adept at liaising with various partners. Able to build relationships and deal with a range of stakeholders, you'll be the link for all matters concerning the Airport's emergency and contingency plans.