1. Overview

Employer Supported Policing (ESP) is a powerful partnership between some of London’s major employers and the Met, providing police training for staff, contributing directly to the security of your staff and premises, building police relationships and directly helping to make London safer.

How does it work?

The scheme is simple but very powerful. As a supporting employer, you allow your staff to be trained as special constables - volunteer police officers. These specials, once trained, will carry out patrols in key areas in London with full police powers and in many cases alongside experienced police officers.

Your staff are required to carry out 26 shifts per year with the Met and in most cases patrols are relevant or even local to the employing sector. That is, your organisation or sector or industry. Your sponsorship of staff is flexible.

In return, you receive a highly skilled, highly trained member of staff. They carry out their usual 'day job' at their workplace but now have the benefit of police training and experience, bringing with it a whole host of knowledge and skills including confidence, assertiveness, conflict resolution and better links with local police teams and senior officers.

The Met provide the selection process, administration, vetting, medicals etc, plus training, equipment, uniform, ongoing development and of course a wide range of skills and experience simply not found elsewhere. You provide your staff with paid leave to attend the training course and one day per fortnight for their regular specials duties once fully trained.

There are many other benefits, a number of which are listed here. We also ask that you give us feedback on the business impact of your staff taking part in ESP so that we can measure the success of the ESP project.

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Your organisation can be there for London through the ESP programme, with significant benefits. Support your employees by giving them some paid leave each month and they'll benefit from all the skills and experience that comes with training and patrolling as a special constable. They'll have the same uniform and carry the same powers as a regular police officer, whilst patrolling in areas relevant or local to their day job or employing sector. So they'll not only be helping to keep your local area or industry safe, they'll also be bringing a host of useful new skills, confidence, experience and contacts back to their workplace.

If you're an employer, why not help your employees be there for London - or if you're an employee, find out about the fantastic training and other opportunities you'll receive as a special constable.

Watch our video to hear from employers and their staff about what they get from ESP.

Transcript: Employer Supported Programme ESP - Overview video

Title: Want to know more about Employer Supported Policing?

Head of ESP Neil Barrett says; “Employer Supported Policing is the successful partnership between the MPS, Employers across the capital, and their staff. Its simple but its very effective. Employers support their staff by giving them a few hours of time per month to be with us as volunteer police officers on the streets of the capital. The skills include confidence, leadership, assertiveness, fast time decision making, being calm in a crises and taking charge of situations.”

Mark - Fairness Insight Manager, HSBC said; “My involvement with the Employer Supported scheme is as a Special Constable in the borough of Greenwich, which helps me develop my communications skills, dealing with the public and giving back to the community.”

Aruna – Administrator Children’s Skills – London Borough of Ealing says: “The skills that I learn with regards to communication, to be assertiveness and also to talk to people at different levels.”

Inderjeet – Performance & Review Manager – Metropolitan Police Service says: “When I am out there doing my role as a Special Constable, I am able to delegate duties to people without worrying about what they say to me so overall it has made me a much better person.” Head of ESP Neil Barrett says; “Companies get involved with us for three main reasons; number one – it’s a significant contribution to the security of their business. Number two - to develop their staff with skills and training that they just can’t get elsewhere, and number three – its all about corporate social responsibility.”

Albert – Bus Driver – Metroline says; “Being a special constable has benefited the organisation that I work for, in that it makes me see how accountable I am in my actions and its enabled me to be more responsible in handling my day to day work.”

Steve Harris – Operations Director – Metroline Travel Limited says; “It’s boosted their confidence no end and they have training and development that will see them through for the rest of their career.”

Inderjeet – Performance & Review Manager – Metropolitan Police Service says: “Definitely I’ve become more confident in myself.”

Aruna – Administrator Children’s Skills – London Borough of Ealing says: “If something that needs to be done I know how to handle it. I’m actually attached to a Safer Neighbourhoods Team and I’ve done a lot of work with them with regards to local businesses and the pubs and clubs in the area.”

Steve Harris – Operations Director – Metroline Travel Limited says; “We’re part of the community, we feel now we are giving something back to the community. Our passengers can travel more safely knowing that there are more Special Constables in the area that we operate.”

Head of ESP Neil Barrett says; “It may come as a surprise to know that as well as our larger partners who we work with, we have also a number of smaller businesses involved with the scheme and we would welcome a conversation with many more who may be eligible to take part.”

Mark - Fairness Insight Manager, HSBC said; “The team I am with are very flexible and they allow me to book my police duties when it suits me and when it suits the team.”

Inderjeet – Performance & Review Manager – Metropolitan Police Service says: “I get involved in all sorts of different types of operational policing, I get involved in vehicle crime initiatives, I get involved in theft retail crime initiatives.”

Aruna – Administrator Children’s Skills – London Borough of Ealing says: “The recent operation that I have been part of is ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition – getting drivers off the road who should not be on the road for whatever reason.”

Albert – Bus Driver – Metroline says: “I’m attached to the Safer Transport team – we are specialised in dealing with problems on the buses.”

Head of ESP Neil Barrett says; “Whether it’s a local authority, an NHS Trust, or Central Government, Public Sector organisations get involved with Employer Supported Policing for the same reasons – its all about protecting their local areas plus working with the Metropolitan Police Service to make communities safer – it’s all about Partnership working.”

Jeff Parkinson – Manager –Children’s Services, London Borough of Ealing says; “The scheme has benefited our organisation on a number of levels really. It has particularly helped with staff development. When staff join the scheme they undertake a programme of training covering a lot of areas that are applicable in the workplace with the public and the council. I think the scheme benefits Public Sector organisations because those organisations and the Police are both working towards a common goal in benefiting the local community and they can make the local environment a better place to live in.”

Mark - Fairness Insight Manager, HSBC said; “There is nothing like being a police officer on the streets of London in full uniform for the confidence and pride that that brings.”

Inderjeet – Performance & Review Manager – Metropolitan Police Service says: “The Metropolitan Police Service has proved that this scheme has worked because of the output they are getting from their employees going out and doing the operational duties and bringing those skills back to their day job.”

Albert – Bus Driver – Metroline says: “I’ve noticed myself that the crime and the anti social behaviour has gone down.”

Steve Harris – Operations Director – Metroline Travel Limited says; “I can absolutely recommend the scheme to other organisations. It can be moulded and adapted to your individual organisation objectives, and it’s an excellent scheme to be involved in.”