3. ESP employee advice

Benefits for employees

Apply to join Employer Supported Policing (ESP) as a special constable and, after training, you'll have all the powers of the regular police to fight crime, with the life changing experiences and range of skill that this brings. In addition, you'll pick up a high level of extra skills and confidence from working for the capital's police service that can do a lot for your work life and beyond. Plus, it's a great addition to your CV and great for your employer.

Free London travel for Employer Supported special constables

All Metropolitan special constables are entitled to free travel on London’s Tube, Buses, DLR, Tramlink, Emirates Airline Cablecar, TfL operated River Bus services and TfL-operated London Overground services. Free travel is available on and off duty, and it is open to all Metropolitan Special Constables who perform at least 200 hours duty a year*. Your daily commute to and from your day job could become free.*This offer is subject to MSC policies, which are available on request.

*This offer is subject to special constable policies, which are available on request.

Becoming a special constable offers huge benefits in terms of your own personal and professional development. Working on the street as a police officer with the public means making decisions that have an immediate impact on the people you are dealing with, so getting those decisions right is crucial. People look to police officers for direction in stressful situations and taking charge of incidents will give you confidence and assertiveness which you can bring to your workplace. The whole experience will rapidly develop you in various ways to make you more effective at work.

At the heart of the training are the seven core skills or competencies that every police officer must be proficient in. These are:

  • personal responsibility
  • effective communication
  • resilience
  • problem solving
  • customer focus
  • teamwork
  • respect for diversity

These are transferable skills, which you will be able to put to use, not only in your professional capacity but also in your personal life, such as managing confrontational situations, leadership and personal safety.

You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your colleagues at your place of work, your friends and family will be more reassured as a result of your new skills and confidence.

You'll have the possibility of gaining promotion at work as a result of acquiring a new set of skills, experience, assertiveness and confidence that you have been taught.

Training is carried out as an intensive course of 20 weekdays, or on 12 consecutive Saturdays or Sundays. Your employer can choose to support one or both types of courses. In return for the very tangible benefits which your employer will receive within a short time, we ask them to 'sponsor' their employees who volunteer for the scheme, by giving them paid leave for some or all of the time off over the training period and then paid leave towards your ongoing duties as a special constable.

The level of commitment your organisation makes is flexible, with our partner employers supporting varying levels of time, so please ask them to talk to us about how much they can support the programme.

ESP is a powerful tool in the fight against crime. You will really feel that you are making a difference - making a positive contribution in the fight against crime in the capital whilst developing yourself with high-quality police training, all supported by your employer and the Met and allowing you to gain valuable police experience whilst continuing your chosen career.

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