2. Counter Terrorism pillars

Within CTPHQ work is carried out under several pillars. They are:


Manages the delivery of the CT Policing Change Portfolio in order to meet the strategic objectives of CT Policing. The pillar is broken into three sub-teams which are: The Strategic Design Authority which manages and maintains the entire network Operating Model in line with the CT strategy. Portfolio Operations, supporting projects and programmes within the portfolio, and Project and Programme Management Services responsible for delivering the portfolio’s objectives.

Chief of Staff

Monitors the operating environment of the HQ and provides a single point of contact for review and resolution of cross-pillar challenges that may develop to ensuring the successful delivery of the HQ’s aims and objectives. The pillar provides direct Board support to a wide range of National Chief Office Groups and MPS corporate level meetings in addition to supporting the wider CTP HQ Senior Leadership. The pillar also provides support to key stakeholders such as HMIC with regards to their programme of CT inspections, ensuring all UK forces are engaged.


Plays a vital role in supporting national counter terrorism policing strategic priorities and objectives. The unit develops and delivers national marketing, social and digital media campaigns and strategies, and manages online platforms. It promotes, defends and explains CTP to a range of audiences and stakeholders. Working closely with colleagues and force media teams, and supports operational policing through the development of media handling plans and strategic advice.

Compliance and Assurance

This pillar, working alongside the National Units, ensures that the HQ and Protective Security strands identify and manage all areas of organisational risk and comply with all legal requirements of the statutory frameworks for information, personnel and business compliance.

Data and Analysis

This newly established pillar will develop, oversee and drive forward the data strategy for CT Policing, assuring the integrity and compliance of all data held by CT Policing, and to determine technology requirements for the future.


Responsible for providing financial support to the CT Network as well as the Specialist Operations Business Group, including SO15. Key responsibilities include financial reporting, providing strategic and operational advice, supporting the production of business cases for new investment, funding bids to the Home Office and ensuring that CT Policing uses its grant as efficiently as possible.

Human Resources

Is responsible for providing professional advice on all people-related matters. The pillar also delivers the People Strategy which focuses on creating a more flexible, capable, and inclusive workforce. As well as covering day-to-day matters for the CTP HQ Team, the pillar also agrees a set of priorities with the SO Chief Officer Group, making sure HR are focusing on the most critical issues.

Local Support Services

Provides support to Specialist Operations, National CTP HQ and the National Operations Centre. The types of services provided include: Procurement, fleet and CT Vehicle replacement, facilities management, events management, inventory management, building support, strategic overview of SO/CT accommodation, management of shared mailboxes and s: drive, management of residential estate, training delivery and commendations support.

Strategy, Planning and Performance

Through close engagement with the CT network, SPP develops strategy and policy for Counter Terrorism (CT) and Protective Security (PS) Policing evidencing the position to government and wider stakeholders. The team co-ordinates the annual business planning cycle with the CT Network which sets the priorities and identifies areas of demand, resource and risk against the successful delivery of the CT financial grant. Leading on the development of CT performance metrics and products which evidences demand & trends against CT capabilities in support of the business planning cycle it provides evidence of our outcomes to wider government. The team has dedicated staff to develop briefings, working closely with government departments and other strategic partners and stakeholders – the team provide a vital role in responding to ‘crisis incidents’ with a 24/7 on call facility to support CT seniors and provide accurate briefings to government departments.

The Office of the National Coordinator Prevent

Has a team of delivery and strategic partnership officers who work at a national level to provide support and guidance to regional forces and other partners covered by the Prevent statutory duty. The team works to champion the Prevent agenda and manage the interface between regional partners, local authorities, regional police forces, ACPO and the CTU/CTIU staff working in this area.

The Office of the National Coordinator Protect and Prepare (NCPP)

Delivers strategic oversight of police P&P activity, NCPP works closely with the CT Network across the UK and government departments. Staff also have close working relationships with the private sector and other stakeholders to ensure there is thorough consultation on policy, practice and operational activity. The pillar’s key function is to strengthen our protection against a terrorist attack (Protect) and mitigate the impact of a terrorist attack (Prepare). This applies both in the UK and to British interests abroad.

Operations Centre

The Counter Terrorism Policing Operations Centre is a central operational command made up of units that provide support to the National CT Network. The Centre is divided into two areas:

  • Operations support
  • Operations


Comprises five key sections to ensure all Specialist Operations and National CT ICT requirements are managed, delivered and transitioned into support. These sections are: ICT Demand and Strategy, ICT Data, Architectural and Security Design Standards, ICT Portfolio and Project Delivery, ICT Change and Transition, and ICT Support Services through the Customer Service Centre.