2. Vision, mission and outcomes

Our vision

“To be the best Bluelight Commercial function in the UK”

Our mission

“To enable the MPS to deliver its aims, at the best value for the citizens of London”

Our outcomes

1. Build a world class capability and team

Attract, develop & retain commercial talent in MPS Commercial Services. Close the commercial lifecycle management skills gap across MPS

2. Engaging effectively with our markets and suppliers

Engage effectively with our markets & suppliers. Refresh and implement a supplier relationship management approach for the MPS.

3. Improving and simplifying how we work

How we work as a function. Embed continuous improvement through standards and best practice sharing. Converge to simple and consistent processes & systems across MPS. Improve accuracy, accessibility and utilisation of Commercial data.

4. Delivering outcomes through Commercial Policy

Realise positive outcomes through Commercial policy. Take account of our social & environmental impact.

5. Ensuring supplier resilience

Provide Commercial support & guidance to ensure the MPS remains resilient & operational during external shocks to its operating environment. Align demand & supply requirements across our supply networks to ensure value for money, appropriate lead times and preserving safety standards.

6. Corporate contribution

Ensure commercial employees contribute to the development of the function & the wider MPS. All commercial employees are expected to make a difference.