Find out below how to apply for or renew a firearm, shotgun or explosives certificate for the Greater London area. Whether you’re a firearm owner, firearm dealer, shooting club member or planning to travel with firearms, answer a few quick questions and we’ll guide you to the right form and everything you need to complete it.

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Apply for a firearm certificate for use both at a registered club and on private land.

Thank you. Here's how to apply:

Step 1: Download our firearm certificate application form (Form 201) and read the guidance notes, starting on page 12.


Step 2: Print and complete the form.

You will need these details:

  • your UK GPs or UK GP practices from the last 10 years
  • your home addresses from the last five years
  • two referees who have known you for at least two years
  • any previous convictions
  • any physical or mental health conditions
  • details of your club


Step 3: Download and complete a land approval form.

You'll need to include the name, contact details and signature of an owner, tenant or agent of the land you intend to use.


Step 4: Make out a cheque or postal order for £88 (or £90 for coterminous certificates), payable to the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). We cannot accept cash.


Step 5: Post your completed forms and cheque or postal order to:

Metropolitan Police Firearms Enquiry Team (FET)
The Empress State Building
8th Floor, Lillie Road,

Please note, as our offices are on a secure site which is not open to the public. Reception staff will only accept post delivered through Royal Mail. We cannot accept items delivered personally or by courier.


Step 6: We'll get in touch as quickly as possible if you need to make any corrections to your form. Otherwise, we'll be in touch within six weeks to discuss next steps and arrange a home interview.