The majority of Londoners have acted responsibly and followed the government guidance and regulations, and we thank them for that.

The Met has received reports of suspected breaches of the Health Protection Regulations 2020.

We will be publishing relevant data in due course, including in relation to the number of calls, Fixed Penalty Notices and arrests.

The overarching aim of our response to the Covid-19 pandemic is to encourage people to follow the regulations for the safety of themselves and others.

Police officers have engaged with the public, explained the regulations in their first, second and third iterations, encouraged people to follow them and only enforced the legislation as an absolute last resort.

Within the regulations people have been allowed to leave their homes and travel where they have a reasonable excuse to do so.

The regulations provide a number of examples of reasonable excuses. These are not exhaustive and officers apply their own discretion and judgement based on individual circumstances.

The Government has also issued guidance for members of the public. It is not the role of officers to enforce this.

Where the Met receives allegations of breaches of the Health Protection Regulations 2020, we will focus on those that are live or ongoing where police action can enable a change to behaviour that is posing a current public health risk.

Throughout this pandemic, the Met has continued to focus on tackling serious crime, in particular related to violence, in order to keep London safe.