Receiving complaints is a valuable way for us to learn and improve. Find out what qualifies as a complaint, when you should make one and the best way to do it.

Who can I make a complaint about?

You can complain about anyone employed by the police, from officers to members of staff. You don’t have to know their name or shoulder number, if you can give us a detailed description of what happened we can look into it.

You can also make a complaint about the way a particular case was handled, the quality of a police station, or just the force in general.

To make a complaint about a force chief constable, please contact the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC).

To make a complaint about the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, please contact the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC).

To complain about other police services, you can contact them directly or contact the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC)

Please note

You can make a complaint on someone else’s behalf if they are under 16 and you're their legal parent or guardian; or if you have their written consent.

What could my complaint be about?

Please make a complaint if you feel you have:

  • experienced inappropriate behaviour from a police officer, member of staff, contractor or volunteer

  • witnessed in person an incident where a police officer, member of staff, contractor or volunteer acted inappropriately

  • been adversely affected by a police officer, member of staff, contractor or volunteer acting inappropriately, even if you were not directly involved

We would define inappropriate behaviour as:

  • rude or aggressive

  • causing distress

  • causing inconvenience

  • causing property loss or damage

  • causing danger or risk

How do I make a complaint?

There are several ways you can make a complaint:

  • write to us at:

    Complaints Support Team 
    22nd Floor
    Empress State Building
    Lillie Road
    SW6 1TR
  • visit your local police station (use the police station finder below)

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