Where the Met have entered premises by force they are required to ensure that the premises are secure when they leave. This can either be by ensuring that the owner/occupier is present or that emergency boarding up of the premises has taken place.

Emergency boarding up is carried out by Boing Rapid Secure Ltd on behalf of the Met using their own security cleared staff.

Documentation will be left at the property explaining what has happened and what to do next, a telephone number will also be provided to contact for further information.

Although police must ensure that premises are secure they are not liable for the cost of boarding up in all circumstances.

Emergency boarding up is intended to ensure that premises are secured while the owner/occupier makes alternative arrangements for a permanent repair, and is therefore not intended to be a long term solution.

Emergency boarding up will consist of the boarding up of all damaged doors and windows. Where it is necessary and appropriate a padlock will be fitted to allow access to the property. If the owner/occupier is not at the scene the padlock keys will be left at the nearest police station. To obtain the keys it will be necessary to produce suitable proof of identification at the police station.

The Met are not responsible for the costs of boarding up where the damage is the result of:

  • criminal damage
  • burglary
  • the premises are insecure for an unknown reason

Where Boing Rapid Secure Ltd complete the emergency boarding up in these circumstances the owner/occupier is responsible for the cost by either paying for the repairs or referring the matter to their insurance company. Boing Rapid Secure Ltd will invoice the owner/occupier direct, following up payment with them unless notified that the matter has been referred to Insurers.

Warrants, Court Orders, Welfare Matters

Where entry to premises has been forced under a warrant, the Met will generally pay for the emergency boarding up to secure the premises. The Met will not pay for the permanent repairs.

Where forced entry is made to an incorrect address under a warrant, the Met will pay for the boarding up.

Welfare matters are where entry was forced based on information received from a friend, relative or neighbour expressing concern about the safety of an individual, the Met will generally pay for the boarding up under these circumstances.

The Met will pay for emergency boarding up where damage has been caused and as a result the property is a crime scene.