In 2015, we introduced the UK Film and TV Registration Scheme for supporting artists (SAs) who own police costume, uniforms, vehicles or equipment. The scheme protects them when they’re travelling in London with these items – reducing the risk of misunderstandings if stopped by the police and of the equipment falling into the wrong hands. 

How the scheme began

In light of the threat level to the UK of terrorist attacks, we conducted in-depth research into ways of mitigating risk to police action vehicles and SAs travelling to or across London whilst in possession of police uniforms.

This included a detailed consultation process with police partners, such as SO15 Counter Terrorism Command, key action vehicle companies, SA agencies, Equity, BECTU, FAA and individual SAs. This meant we could consider the needs of the industry and individual SAs, the logistics involved, the anticipated costs and the policing imperative to prevent crime and preserve the peace. The industry-wide registration scheme was our response.

How to register

To join the UK Film and TV Registration Scheme, visit You’ll be issued with a photo ID card which you must carry with you whenever travelling in London with police equipment.

All UK police forces are aware of the scheme and how to verify the identity of an SA who produces a UK Film and TV Registration Scheme card.