Before you get in touch, it’s worth reading the advice below to help anyone filming in London. We’ve included links to several documents which should provide more detail if you need it.

Filming on location in London

There are seven types of filming on location in London that will likely require a police presence. These are filming:

  • with weapons
  • with replica, imitation or airsoft firearms
  • with actors or extras in police uniform
  • with replica or fake police vehicles
  • scenes of crime or violence
  • real or perceived nudity
  • with issues of public safety

Download our Guidelines for Filming on Location in London for more information on each.

Filming on the move in London

The Met Film Unit is the single point of contact for advising, managing and supervising the film industry when filming on the move on the roads in London’s 32 boroughs (City of London is not included). We are able to advise productions on the most effective way to film on the move, provide ‘no objections’, and deploy officers to supervise and assist where needed.

Download our Guidelines for Filming on the Move in London for more information. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) information sheet, Safe Filming and Recording Involving Vehicles is also worth a read.

Filming stunts, fights or other hazardous activities

The concern when filming scenes involving danger or violence is that members of the public do not realise that filming is taking place, think that the event is ‘real’ and either call the police or intervene themselves. For this reason, we must be consulted in advance.

As a general guideline, please ensure:

  • film crew wear high-vis clothing so that it is obvious to the public that filming is taking place

  • suitable signage is used to make the public aware of the nature of the filming

  • local residents are leafleted so that they are forewarned of the filming

  • adequate stewards are present for public reassurance and to preserve the security and safety of the film set

For more information read the HSE information sheet, Stunts, Fights and Other Hazardous Production Activities.

Using firearms and other weapons

The Met Film Unit must be consulted in advance of any filming with replica, imitation or airsoft firearms. The production must obtain a 'Film Weapon Cad Number' from the Met Film Unit. Notify the Met Film Unit and Borough Film Service (BFS) of any activity involving weapons to prevent the emergency deployment of armed police.

Read our Guidance for Scenes Involving a Weapon of Any Kind to make sure you notify the right authorities well in advance.

Our Guidelines for Filming on Location in London  has a useful section on the use of firearms on film shoots. See also the HSE information sheet, Management of Firearms and Other Weapons in Productions.