If you are a victim of child abuse, or worried for the safety or wellbeing of a child, find out below all the different ways you can get in touch. Even if you’re not 100% sure, please report your concerns. Your information could help our trained officers and staff protect the child.

The best ways to get in touch

If you suspect someone is in immediate danger, call us on 999 now. If it isn’t an emergency, please get in touch in any of these other ways:

  • Call our non-emergency, 24/7 number: 101
  • Visit a police station to speak to an officer in person
  • Contact the NSPCC to speak to a professional practitioner
  • Contact Children’s Social Care through your local borough council and ask for the duty social worker
  • Contact Crimestoppers confidentially and anonymously

If you’re a child, you could also speak to someone you trust, like a friend, a teacher or another adult.

If you’re a professional working with children, remember you have a responsibility to refer your concerns to Children’s Social Care through your local borough council.