A house to house collection licence grants you permission to collect money or clothing for charity door-to-door in London. This also includes shops and pubs, although you should always ask permission from the shop or pub owner first. If you’re planning to knock on some doors for charity, find out below how to apply for a house to house collection licence, the rules around collecting donations and how to report your takings afterwards.

Before collection

To apply for a house to house collection licence you'll need the following items:

  • A letter from your charity authorising you to collect, and manage collections on their behalf
  • Details of the people who will be collecting
  • If the charity is collecting for the first time: a synopsis of the charity’s background and objectives, and plans for the funds raised

These can take some time to gather together, so we recommend starting your preparations as early as possible. Also, bear in mind we must receive applications by the first day of the month before the month of your chosen collection date. For example, if you’re planning to collect on 20 September we need to receive your application no later than 1 August.

Once you have all the items above, post them with a covering letter to:

Charities Office
17th Floor East
Lillie Road

After collection

Great job, you’ve raised some money for a good cause. But don’t forget, as part of your house to house collection licence you need to submit the details below within three months:

  • Accounts should be submitted using our Schedule 5 form for cash collections or Schedule 6 form for goods collections, showing:
  • the total amount collected
  • the names of all collectors and amounts collected by each
  • any expenses or payments incurred
  • certification by two of the people responsible for the collection
  • certification by a qualified accountant