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Appeal for organisers of demonstrations to come forward


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Police are appealing to the organisers of demonstrations publicised to take place in central London on Wednesday, 5 November, to engage with us at this early stage.

We wish to work with organisers and discuss their plans so that they can protest safely and with minimum disruption to Londoners on a busy Bonfire Night.

When we became aware of the planned demonstrations and protest, we tried to make contact with groups who we believed may consider attending, so far without success.

Chief Superintendent Pippa Mills, from the Metropolitan Police Service, said: “We facilitate thousands of protests in London every year.

"We want to engage with the various groups advertising their plans for next week's event, so that we can work together to ensure they can protest safely whilst making sure that serious disruption to the life of the community is avoided.

“Yesterday we pushed out a letter through our social media channels asking those involved in organising the event to discuss their plans with us. There has been a lot of chatter on social media but so far nobody has come forward. We are keen to talk with them to ensure they are able to protest; it is important that they talk to us so that we can work together to achieve a safe and successful event."

Contact the Metropolitan Police Service either at a local station, by calling 101 or emailing pltgatewayteam@met.police.uk