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Met response to HMIC Peel Assessment


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THE MPS has welcomed the HMIC's first Peel Assessment which graded the force as "good" in five out six areas assessed.

The report, the first of the HMIC's new annual assessments, judged the Met as being "Good" in the following areas:

• Reducing crime, preventing offending
• Tackling anti-social behaviour
• Force efficiency
• Tacking steps to secure our short and long term financial position
• Having an affordable way of providing policing.

The assessment highlighted that the MPS's effectiveness in investigating offending "Requires Improvement."

However, the report also praises the Met's commitment to professionalism, emergency call handling, anti-corruption capabilities and success in tackling anti-social behaviour.

Deputy Commissioner, Craig Mackey, said: "I'm grateful for the time the HMIC has taken to look at how the MPS is doing across a wide range of policing areas and has recognised much of the good work our officers and staff undertake every day on behalf of Londoners.

"This work is continuing to drive down crime in London and, as the report notes, at a rate that now outstrips the rest of the country.

"Of particular note are the report's praise for our commitment to professionalism and ability to tackle and prevent corruption as well as the excellent response we provide to when people call on us in an emergency.

"I am pleased that, on the whole, the HMIC found the Met to be "good", especially against the background of the financial challenges we face, but we recognise that there are areas of inconsistency that we need to improve upon.

"We are already taking many of the necessary steps to address these areas and are determined that next year's assessment will demonstrate our commitment to deliver an ever better service to the Capital."

Over the next 18 months all MPS frontline borough officers and staff will undergo a series of Professional Development training days which will involve refresher courses covering different aspects of investigations, including initial investigation stages and crime scene preservation.

The MPS is also working to improve investigations in other areas. A 'cradle to grave' review was undertaken of burglary to ensure all was being done to enhance opportunities to bring offenders to justice. This led to the trial of two new models on burglary investigation.

A recent six-month CID pilot in Hammersmith involved detectives going straight to 's' calls instead of response teams and resulted in significant improvements in detections and satisfaction.

The MPS is also making good use of predictive crime mapping to tackle burglary, which takes historic crime data and models the likely locations of future criminal acts, allowing officers and other resources to be directed to key areas.