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Commissioner speaks on The Marr Show



Note to editors: The Commissioner referenced that some operations had 3000 boxes to go through. This is reference to the work underway concerning issues from the Ellison Report rather than the recent allegations concerning historic sexual abuse.

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The whole country has a part to play in combating the threat from terrorism, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said today.

He said: "The public, the businesses and the police working together with the security services - that is an incredibly powerful team."

Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show this morning (23 November), the Commissioner said that the public throughout the country can make a difference and help to keep each other safe.

"As a member of the public we want to keep each other safe and if you look right throughout this country 60 million people working together will notice a difference. They will notice when something is unusual, they will notice a change in behaviour of a young person perhaps who is thinking of going to Syria. Well, tell the police. The best time to stop these young people becoming radicalised is before they go."

Talking ahead of the launch of a national Counter Terrorism Awareness Week on Monday, the Commissioner stressed the work of the police and the community in combating the threat:

"I think we have got our best chance of dealing with this by locally based community policing."

Responding to questions about a need for more powers for laws to get further information from internet service providers he said: "We have all got to rise to the challenge whether it be the police, Government - everybody has got to rise to this big new challenge so we have got to adapt."

He added: "Our joint task has got to be to prevent people going abroad to get involved in acts of terrorism, to try and monitor their return, and should they return, either to charge them with offences should they have committed them or to monitor them in this country."

The Commissioner added: "To get that balance between security and privacy is Parliament's job - all I can do is make the case for why we need to maintain security."

Asked about the response to historic sexual abuse and homicide allegations which have attracted public attention in the last few weeks, the Commissioner said:

"I am determined we will get to the bottom of this so we are talking to the witnesses and all the people who have got information."

Sir Bernard admitted that it was always a challenge to investigate incidents that happened so long ago, not least because of the way records had been kept.

"As an investigator we have to go with an open mind. If people make that allegation, we will, I will take them seriously. I can assure you there will be no cover up while I am here."