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March and rally has now finished


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19-Jul-2014 18:31

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The march and rally in Central London has now come to an end and today’s policing operation is being scaled down.

There was some congestion in and around Westminster and other Central London streets as the march made its way form Whitehall to its final destination in Kensington Rd where the rally was held.

There are other events taking place in Central London this evening. A policing operation remains in place to manage these and respond to any spontaneous events.

Chief Superintendent Zander Gibson said, “Thousands of people took to the streets today in support of the march and rally. Though the temperatures and sentiment were high those who attended were loud and good tempered. The organisers worked closely with police from the beginning and throughout the event the engagement between the stewards and police has been excellent.

We would always encourage event organisers to meet with us to discuss their plans in advance so that they can achieve their aims around protest and we can ensure that disruption to the broader community is minimised. The Metropolitan Police always seeks to facilitate peaceful protest."

There was one arrest made after the event had finished for a public order offence.