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Man jailed for murdering stranger



- Phillip Steels

- Lindo

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A man has been sentenced today, Monday, 16 March, to serve a minimum of 14 years imprisonment for murder after caving in a stranger's face with a brick leaving him for dead in the street.

Malachi Lindo, 27 (17.11.87) of Bowles Green, Enfield, was sentenced at the Old Bailey to serve a minimum of 14 years imprisonment for the killing of 51-year-old Phillip Anthony Michael Steels.

The court heard that on the evening of Wednesday, 3 September, Mr Steels of Burncroft Avenue, Enfield, had been drinking at home and had later gone out.

He had been involved in a long dispute with a neighbour and was said to be in an angry state. After leaving a friend's house, Mr Steels was walking along Green Street, Enfield, where he became involved in an altercation with Malachi Lindo. The pair were strangers.

A fight began and during the altercation, Mr Steels fell to the ground. Lindo then sat over him and using a house brick which was in a pile nearby smashed about the face, causing horrific injuries.

Lindo left Mr Steels in a pool of blood while he crossed the road towards a parked white Audi A3.

He sat down with his back to the vehicle with his legs in the road, causing several passing cars to swerve round him. He sat in the road only yards from the body of Mr Steels for over 15 minutes.

Police arrived at 01:44hrs on the morning of the 4 September having been called to a possible fight or road traffic collision.

Upon spotting them, Lindo ran towards Hertford Road. Seeing Mr Steels on the ground, police pursed Lindo who has started randomly rolling across the road. Following confirmation that Mr Steels had died Lindo was arrested for his murder.

Lindo continued to act erratically and babble and said to officers that he had taken a cocktail of drugs, including cannabis, cocaine and MDMA. He spat at officers and then asked if he could go home saying: "I promise I won't kill again".

Mr Steels was pronounced dead at the scene. The brick was found lying alongside his body as well as the blue baseball cap Lindo had been wearing. A rucksack found nearby contained a large quantity of drugs and related paraphernalia belonging to Lindo.

Lindo was taken to North Middlesex Hospital and later to an east London police station. Searches at his home revealed more drugs paraphernalia and he has confirmed since that at the time he was actively dealing drugs. Lindo was subsequently charged with the murder of Philip Steels.

Investigating officer Acting Detective Sergeant Mike Stubbins, of the Homicide and Major Crime Command (HMCC), said: "This was a horrendous attack on an innocent member of the public, brought about by a complicated and confused individual being high on a cocktail of drugs on the evening of the 3 September 2014.

“Lindo had been taking numerous drugs. He has stated that his mind started playing games and he felt he was in a parallel dimension.

"This is a tragic case where an innocent member of the public has felt the wrath of a young man whose life had been unraveling and who had turned to experimenting with illegal substances.

"Unfortunately he has let out his frustration on the first person he has seen leading to the death of Philip Steels.

"The investigating team worked tirelessly to bring this defendant to justice and to try and bring some form of relief to the family of Mr Steels. I only hope that over time the horrible facts of Mr Steels death fade in the minds of his family and friends and this result is able to bring an element of closure to this tragic incident."