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Sabrina Moss murder


Sabrina Moss pic 1; pic 2; pic 3; pic 4

CCTV clip of Sabrina celebrating a birthday

An image of Warren

An image of Hussain

An image of James

An image of Baptiste

CCTV of the Vauxhall Corsa entering Grangeways and then Messina Ave the wrong way, immediately prior to the shooting

CCTV of the suspects in Messina Ave, before going to carry out the shootings

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Three men responsible for mercilessly gunning down a young mother who was out celebrating her birthday have today (Monday 18 August) been found guilty of murder at the Old Bailey.

[C] Martell Ricco Warren, 23 (26.07.91) of Station Road; Hillingdon.

[D] Hassan Hussain, 29 (16.10.84) of Cranhurst Road, NW2;

[G] Yassin James, 20 (07.08.94), of Chaplin Road, Wembley;

were all found guilty of the murder of Sabrina Moss, 24, the attempted murder of Sabrina Gachette, 24, the attempted murder of two men and two counts of possession of firearm. All three will be sentenced on (12 September) at the Old Bailey.

[F] Simon Baptiste, 29 (30.11.84), of Rondu Road, NW2, was found guilty of conspiracy to cause GBH. He will be sentenced alongside the others.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Partridge of the Homicide and Major Crime Command (HMCC) said: "I am pleased that those involved have been found guilty by the court today. Sabrina Moss had her whole life ahead of her; she was a nursery teacher and had just moved into a flat with her partner and their young child. She was looking forward to the future with her family, however this all changed in an instant due to the actions of those convicted today.

"Sabrina Moss was out celebrating her birthday with Sabrina Gachette when she was fatally shot. Sabrina Gachette was only saved from death by the skill of the surgeons treating her at the scene and subsequently at hospital.

"This was a callous act, committed by three individuals who were willing to fire a MAC 10 and a double barrelled shotgun indiscriminately at a group of people outside a busy restaurant. They waited until a large group of people were together and then fired at their victims. It is clear they wanted to injure, maim or even murder as many of those people as possible, without any consideration as to who was within that group. Both Sabrina Moss and Sabrina Gachette were the innocents caught up in something they had no knowledge of and no involvement in.

"The events of that night have left a profound effect on Sabrina Moss's family but also Sabrina Gachette who had to witness the death of her close friend. I want to praise both families for their courage over the past year and for the dignified way in which they have conducted themselves throughout this lengthy trial.

"These convictions should send a strong message to those who are involved in gangs and criminality, to those who find this lifestyle glamorous or exciting. This activity ruins lives, destroys families and could ultimately result in you serving a lengthy sentence. Anyone involved in such attacks can expect to be tracked down, charged and brought before the courts to face justice. There will be no hiding place for people who commit such acts of violence."

The court heard how on the evening of Friday, 23 August 2013 Sabrina Moss was out celebrating her 24th birthday with friends including Sabrina Gachette at the Love and Liquor bar, Kilburn High Road. The group had a VIP area reserved and a steady stream of friends arrived throughout the night to join the celebrations.

Shortly after 2230hrs Baptiste phoned for a mini-cab to take him from Upper Clapton to Rondu Road, NW2 - his home address. En route Baptiste made contact with Hussain who took a mini-cab from his home address to Rondu Road, with the two meeting at around midnight. Shortly after Warren made contact first with Hussain and then with James, with James then leaving his home address and joining them at Rondu Road.

At approximately 0045hrs Baptiste made a mini-cab booking from Rondu Road to Kilburn High Road and followed this up with a second call at 0103hrs. At 0110hrs the mini-cab arrived and Baptiste, James and Hussain were seen leaving the property. The driver was asked to make his way to the Love and Liquor nightclub.

They arrived a short while later to carry out a recce of the bar and to see if there were any members of a rival gang present. Hussain was seen getting close to the nightclub but made no attempt to enter. Hussain and James kept the premises under observation whilst Baptiste went forward to speak to one of the doorman.

He then entered the nightclub for a few minutes then promptly left rejoining Hussain and James. They made their way to a mini-cab office and took a cab just before 0130hrs back to Baptiste's home. Approximately 30 minutes later three men turned up to the nightclub. Police believe that these men were the intended targets that Baptiste and his co-conspirators were looking for.

At 0235hrs Hussain took a cab towards Tottenham. On arriving at the destination he got out of the cab and then returned five minutes later carrying a green bag. He was then driven back to Rondu Road where he collected James and the two of them left moments later in the waiting mini-cab.

Whilst Hussain was being driven to Tottenham, Warren and Baptiste carried out two further observations at the Love and Liquor nightclub. CCTV caught Warren's silver Corsa driving past the club at 0224hrs and then again shortly after 0300hrs.

Having left Rondu Road in the waiting mini-cab, both James and Hussain went to carry out their own observations at the nightclub. The mini-cab they were in passed the Love and Liquor nightclub and made its way back to Rondu Road at the junction of Fordwych Road where they were dropped off.

Warren and Baptiste who were still driving around the area staking out the nightclub drove past it once again at approximately 0327hrs. On passing the club one of their rivals was leaning against a vehicle on the opposite side of the road. The Corsa turned and drove back past the club, braking as it did so, in order for the occupants of the car get a good look at who was present, the car then left the scene.

With Love and Liquor closing at approximately 0300hrs, Sabrina Moss, Sabrina Gachette and a few others then made the short trip by vehicle to Woody's Grill on Kilburn High Road.

On arriving they realised that they had intended to go another fast food restaurant of the same name some 300 metres down the road. The group was clearly seen on CCTV walking down the road heading towards the intended restaurant. They arrived minutes later and were joined by a number of other people.

Warren and Baptiste and a female friend of his went into the first Woody's Grill, the one attended in error by Sabrina Moss and her friends and ordered food. Once they had been served they made their way back to the vehicle. Warren then drove to a convenience store located in Kilburn High Road.

It was here a black Ford Mondeo pulled away as Warren arrived, stopped and reversed back. Warren and Baptiste made their way inside the store emerging moments later. The occupants of the Mondeo swiftly headed towards Warren. He hastily jumped into his car and drove off leaving Baptiste and his female associate standing in the street. A black BMW X5 came to collect them and they returned back to Baptiste's home.

Warren retuned to Rondu Road and collected Hussain and James and they headed to Kilburn High Road. At 0355hrs the car slowed as it passed Sabrina Moss and the others outside Woody's Grill. They circled the vicinity before turning into Messina Avenue - travelling in the wrong direction as it was a one way road - and then they parked the car.

Two gunmen were clearly seen walking down Messina Avenue. They took up position crouching behind parked vehicles and street furniture and from this vantage point they had clear visibility of the restaurant.

Sabrina Moss was sitting outside the restaurant and Sabrina Gachette was standing with her back towards the road facing Sabrina Moss. The gunmen ran forward from their hiding place and were standing no more than 30 feet away and together they indiscriminately opened fire on the group with a Mac 10 and a shotgun.

Sabrina Moss was shot in her arm and chest and was heard to say she had been shot in her heart. Sabrina Gachette was shot in her back and received significant injuries to her bowel and her liver. Both women managed to make their way back inside the restaurant where they were tended to by their friends and later the London Ambulance Service.

Following the shooting the gunmen made their way back down Messina Avenue and drove off in the waiting car back to Rondu Road.

Both Sabrina Moss and Sabrina Gachette were taken to hospital. Sabrina Moss was pronounced dead later that day. Sabrina Gachette remained in hospital for a significant period of time receiving treatment for her extensive injuries.

Two men who police believe were the intended targets were also shot during the incident. Both men self presented to a local hospital to be treated for their injuries.

A post-mortem examination held at Northwick Park Hospital on 25 August 2013 gave the cause of death for Sabrina Moss as gunshot wound to the chest.

On the 24 August 2013 Warren brought a one-way Eurostar ticket to Belgium. He was arrested on the 27 August at St Pancras International Station arriving back from Belgium. He was charged as above on the 29 August.

On the 2 October 2013 Hussain was arrested at his home address. He was charged as above on 4 October 2013.

James and Baptiste were also arrested on 2 October. They were released on police bail and later rearrested and charged on 13 February 2014 as above.

The firearms used in the shooting have yet to be recovered.

Statement of Sabrina Moss' family: "We would like to thank the Metropolitan Police for all the hard work they put into catching and bringing Sabrina's murderers and conspirators of her murder to justice.

"She was a beautiful, loving and caring person. She had a larger than life character the fullness of which cannot be summarised in one statement. It would take an age to describe all the ways we have been affected and what we miss about her. We miss everything about her and who she was. She was an important key piece of our family, she is simply irreplaceable.

"As much as we are pleased that these individuals will be behind bars for a long time, it doesn't alter the fact that Sabrina is gone and her son has been left without a mother. Sabrina was a completely innocent victim of a totally senseless and callous crime and even though this chapter is now closing in our lives, we will never be the same and our lives have been forever been affected."

Statement of Sabrina Gachette: "I, Sabrina Gachette, am elated to stand before you knowing that justice has been served.

"The past 12 months have been a living hell for myself and my family. The effect(s) of this heinous crime is difficult to put into words.

"No one could have anticipated that a celebratory night out would end in such a tragic way. It has been extremely difficult for me to come to terms with what has happened. Knowing that I was inches from death has been hard enough, but having to accept that I will never get one of my closest friends back; is painful to comprehend.

"The August Bank holiday will NEVER be the same for me, it was a weekend I used to look forward to with Sabrina's birthday, carnival and also my younger sisters birthday. However, it is now marred by the thoughtless, cowardly acts of the three men who names I daren't say.

"My family have had an exceptional amount to deal with, that I myself at times, have not appreciated. I thank them for their love and support in helping me to get to where I am today. To my friends, your patience, care and understanding is greatly appreciated.

"Thank you to Mr Griffiths and the amazing team at the Royal London Hospital, for all that you have done for me. Had it not been for you, I would not be here today.

"I would like to thank the Metropolitan Police for their thoroughness, support and dedication throughout this investigation.

"I would also like to thank the court and Witness Service(s) for their care and support at this extremely difficult time. My gratitude extends further, to the Jury. I thank them for their patience, diligence and determination throughout this case and bringing these men to justice.

"Today marks the beginning of the end of what has been a tiring and terribly traumatic 12 months. The, physical, mental and emotional impact has been huge. These men will never truly understand the depths of which they have changed my life, but I have found it in my heart to forgive them. Without doing so, I would not be able to move forward. Thank you."


Statements to camera will be made by the Moss family, Sabrina Gachette and the police/CPS, outside the Old Bailey, post verdict.

A pooled footage of an interview with the Moss family is available from the London Tonight News Desk, ITV London x 020 7430 4000

A pooled interview with Sabrina Gachette is available from the BBC London Tonight News Desk, ITV London x 020 7430 4551.

Words and images from both interviews are available from the Press Association News Desk on 020 7963 7146.