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Shop burglar jailed for two years in Croydon


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A burglar has been jailed for two years, having been arrested by police after they found medicine, toiletries and bolt cutters stashed in his car, which was parked only yards away from a pharmacy he had burgled.

James Good (dob 13/07/1984) of Bywood Avenue, Croydon, was sentenced on Friday 11 April at Croydon Crown Court to two years imprisonment for each of the two burglaries he was charged with, to be served concurrently. He pleaded guilty to both offences and a further 17 burglaries were also taken into consideration by the judge.

Good was arrested by officers when police were called to Bywood Avenue, Ashburton, on the morning of 27 February after staff at the pharmacy discovered their store had been broken into overnight.

Officers attended and whilst speaking to the store owner, were approached by a member of the public, who told officers they had found toiletry products in a nearby alleyway. The officers went to investigate and found a car with drugs, medicines and a pair of bolt croppers visible inside. Checks revealed the vehicle was registered to Good and officers went to his address, nearby, where he was arrested on suspicion of burglary.

Following a search of his home address, they found various prescription drugs and stock that had been stolen from the pharmacy, along with a laptop that also belonged to the shop.

Good was taken into police custody, where he admitted to the burglary. Detectives also questioned Good about other similar offences that had taken place in Croydon that month and he eventually admitted to being responsible for 17 other offences.

Good was charged on 27 February with two offences of non-residential burglary relating the Bywood Avenue break-in and a similar offence at a pharmacy in Addington Road, South Croydon, which happened on 25 February. The other 17 burglary offences were taken into consideration.

Detective Constable Gabriel Desouza, from Croydon CID, who investigated the case said:

"Good caused a terrible amount of damage and disruption to the various shops and pharmacies he targeted, not to mention the cost of the drugs and stock that he also stole from them.

“Thanks to the member of the public that alerted the officers to the discarded toiletries nearby, we were able to identify Good from his car and that coupled with the items found at his address, left him with little option than to admit to what he'd done."