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Latest on Christmas Tree appeal


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The Christmas ‘give a gift’ appeal launch by the Commissioner on Wednesday, 19 November has been a huge success in just a few days with gifts being allocated to thousands of children in care across the capital.

A number of boroughs have got of to a flying start and have reached their gift goal for The Met’s ‘Christmas Tree Campaign’, but they haven’t stopped there; Waltham Forest is now helping other boroughs and Richmond have started collecting gifts for the elderly.

Met Police officers and staff have already provided hundreds of presents.

Commander Mak Chishty, the Met's lead for community engagement, said: “This campaign has clearly touched the hearts of our officers and staff. Even in times of austerity the MPS once again is reaching out and caring for young people in London. I would like to personally thank everyone who has contributed so far.

"I have one plea to everyone - please let people know about the campaign, by speaking to people, tweeting, local networks and any other means possible. People are being so generous when they know about the campaign is truly is touching but we need to let as many people know as possible.”

We are keen to reach our 6,000 target. There is still enough time to get involved and give a gift to a child who is being cared for by foster parents or are in residential care homes. The campaign ends Monday, 15 December.

If you still wish to donate a gift for this year’s Christmas appeal please take a tagged ribbon from a tree on your borough or at New Scotland Yard and follow the instruction on the tag. You can also visit the online virtual MPS Christmas tree at christmas-tree-appeal/">http://www.met.police.uk/christmas-tree-appeal/.

The gifts will be for children aged from one week to 17 years.

The suggested spend for gifts this year is no more than £20.

All gifts will be delivered to the children at their care homes before Christmas Day.