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Second manslaughter brother detained


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Police have arrested the second of two brothers who were wanted on bench warrants after convictions for manslaughter.

Jurius Tarasov, 33 (17.05.81), of Howard House, Barrington Road, SW9, was arrested last night in Croydon town centre after officers received a tip-off from a member of the public.

He is currently in custody and will appear at the Old Bailey this week ahead of sentencing on a date yet to be scheduled.

His brother, Valodia Tarasov, 35 (29.09.78), of Abingdon Road, SW16, was previously arrested on 25 July following a police appeal for information.

The brothers were convicted of manslaughter on 24 July at the Old Bailey.

Bench warrants were issued by the court when they failed to attend for sentencing on the morning of 25 July.

Their brother Viktoras Tarasov, 39 (28.3.75) of Aurelia Road, Croydon attended court and has been remanded pending sentencing.

All three brothers had denied killing 37-year-old Pawel Pacholak.

Mr Pacholak had jumped to his death from a bathroom window after fleeing a violent assault by the brothers.

The court heard the victim had been staying at a friend's address in Streatham High Street, SW16 along with several other people, including Viktoras Tarasov.

Throughout 12 January 2013 the occupants had all been drinking, either at the property or outside in the street. Jurius and Valodia Tarasov arrived around 22:00hrs.

Raised voices were heard from the lounge with all three intoxicated Tarasov brothers arguing that the victim had stolen a missing mobile phone belonging to Jurius Tarasov.

The argument spilled out onto the street around 22:56hrs.

Between midnight and 01:30hrs there was a renewed disturbance at the property followed by a loud noise to the rear.

A neighbour saw an apparently drunken male staggering about on the patio before collapsing.

Pawel Pacholak was subsequently discovered dead, slumped against a wall in Albert Carr Gardens, SW16, and police and the London Ambulance Service were called at 11:50hrs on 13 January 2013.

His body bore clear signs he had been assaulted and there was extensive blood staining inside the address which various occupants had attempted to clean up. The first police officers on the scene witnessed Viktoras Tarasovs throwing red-stained water out the back door - he claimed it was blood from meat.

From the evidence, detectives pieced together the events of the night and concluded the victim had been beaten by the Tarasov brothers who blamed him for the missing phone - in fact it had been lost earlier in the evening elsewhere.

The victim took refuge in an upstairs bathroom and then apparently tried to escape by jumping out of a window, unknown to the other occupants.

He landed face-down, breaking his neck and collapsing a short time later.

A post-mortem examination gave cause of death as multiple injuries. The victim had significant head, facial and upper body injuries, including 11 broken ribs, consistent with either being assaulted or the fall from the window.

The brothers were arrested a few days later following enquiries and subsequently charged with manslaughter and other offences.

Valodia and Viktoras were also found guilty of perverting the course of justice for trying to clean the property of blood. Viktoras was also found guilty of perverting the course of justice for attempting to give his brothers false alibis in police interview.