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Judgment and recommendations received re: employment tribunal


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02-Sep-2014 13:56

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We have received the judgment and recommendations of the Employment Tribunal.

The Commissioner has stated how disappointed he was to hear of the tribunal's findings that PC Howard had been subjected to racist and sexist behaviour. He has made it quite clear that there is no place for such behaviour in the Metropolitan Police Service.

Following the decision of the tribunal Deputy Assistant Gallan, Specialist Operations, wrote to PC Howard apologising for the treatment she had received as outlined by the Employment Tribunal.

This case is in the process of being fully reviewed. It is essential that all staff and the public have full confidence in our Fairness at Work policy and we are commissioning an independent review of the policy. PC Howard's experiences, as well as other cases, will help inform that review.

We have noted the comments regarding press lines, there was no intent to deflect attention, but instead to ensure that the organisation was as open and transparent as possible whilst working within our guidelines. But we are deeply regretful of any additional distress this caused PC Howard.