Police Community Support Officers

The role of the PCSO


Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) are helping to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour across London. They are making people feel safer in their homes and within their communities; closing the gap between the reality and the fear of crime.

PCSOs are not police officers; they are civilian members of police staff. They work alongside their police officer colleagues to provide a highly visible, accessible and familiar presence on the capital’s streets.

PCSOs engage with London’s communities, building bridges with the public. They are trained problem solvers, a reassuring presence and a deterrent against crime. They also support front line policing in non-confrontation roles, maintain order in public places, address low-level anti-social behaviour and tackle youth-disorder.

It must be remembered that PCSOs are not police officers and do not have the same powers as police officers. However, they are trained and have in a range of powers (designated) that reflect the role they perform.

There are six types of PCSO in London: