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MAXIM Partners and Agencies

Project Genesius
To form a joint working relationship between Law Enforcement and the Printing Industry in relation to the supply of printing equipment that could be used for the manufacturing of false identities.

Key to the success of MAXIM is the strengthening partnership established over the past year with our colleagues in the Immigration Service, Passport Service and Crown Prosecution service. The availability of a dedicated lawyer to advise pre-charge, has ensured that only best evidence and appropriate charges are placed before the courts.

The establishment of a dedicated human trafficking team within MAXIM, with its' official launch on 7th March 2007 will improve the Metropolitan Police Service's response to this heinous crime of trafficking for exploitation.

Prevention and Intelligence are also key to MAXIM's progress and continuing success. The appointment of a dedicated Relations and Prevention Consultant has proved highly beneficial to the way we work. Examples of the Relations and Prevention Consultant's proactivity in this area are to be found in the partnership approach to problem solving. New partnerships have been forged in a number of commercial areas, such as the secure printing industry and travel trade. On-going strategies with these and other law enforcement and partner agencies are vital in the fight to prevent both identity document abuse and human trafficking.

Ongoing liaison with the printing equipment industry is designed to prevent specialist machinery from coming into the hands of criminals involved in making false identity documents.