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Project Genesius

Project Genesius is a partnership between the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the Printing Industry, designed to reduce the access of criminals to the equipment and supplies they require to produce false identity documents.


To form a joint working relationship between Law Enforcement and the Printing Industry in relation to the supply of printing equipment that could be used for the manufacturing of false identities.

We would like to achieve this by the sharing of relevant intelligence; preventing the criminal abuse of printing equipment and increasing the understanding of the scale of identity document abuse.

This will enable the Printing Industry to identify good practice in customer profiling; prevent potential loss to unregulated customers and maintain the Industry’s reputation.

This will help Law Enforcement to disrupt organised criminal networks and minimise economic fraud gained through the abuse of printing equipment i.e. false documents.

Detective Inspector Nick Downing said: ‘’This is a Metropolitan Police initiative with the plastic card industry. We have joint responsibility to eradicate the abuse of card printers and associated equipment. By working together we will make it harder for criminals to obtain such equipment, which undermines both the industry’s reputation, and the security of the United Kingdom.

Frequently asked questions

Q Who can join in Project Genesius?
A. Any company, no matter how large or small, that manufactures, distributes or re-sells equipment to make any document which can be forged into a false identity (Plastic cards, passports, etc.) and the associated software and consumables.

Q. How do I join?
A. Firstly send an email to operationmaxim@met.pnn.police.uk notifying us of your company’s interest. You will be sent an information pack (by email) which will explain all you need to do.

Q. Do I have to pay to join or do I have to attend any meetings?
A. No, it is completely free to all. There is a working group, with representatives from equipment manufacturers, distributors and re-sellers, which meets quarterly, but you do not have to attend.

Q. What do I do if we receive an order for equipment that we suspect is not for a legitimate use?
A. Firstly, if you have any concerns, DO NOT SUPPLY THEM – it is your prerogative. We would like you to email the information, in confidence, to the Metropolitan Police -Operation Maxim team at operationmaxim@met.pnn.police.uk . Your email will be researched and the appropriate action taken.

Q. What about the Data Protection Act? Is this relevant if I give information to the police?
A. Yes, it is relevant, but there is an exception which says that personal data can be processed for the prevention or detection of crime. The Information Commissioner has been made aware of the project and is content with our procedures. Following any initial information that you may have suspicions about, Maxim will be provide you with a form issued under the Data Protection Act (DPA) that provides the relevant protection for your company. Project Genesius - Data Protection Act advice

Q. Can I show that I am part of this initiative?
A. Yes, there is now a MPS/Genesius Logo which can be displayed on your website.
We hope that the appearance of this logo on websites will act as a deterrent to criminals attempting to obtain supplies from legitimate companies.

Any members who are complying with the Genesius Code of Conduct may apply for use of the logo. They will be issued to companies following the signing of a contract who may use it only on websites at this stage.

How do I get the logo for my company?
1. Ensure that you are fully complying with the Code of Conduct

2. Contact Maxim by email – operationmaxim@met.pnn.police.uk giving your website address and contact details.

3. We will check that your company is appropriate and speak to you about how you are keeping to ‘The Code.’

4. You should sign the contract and send it to:

Operation Maxim
Intelligence Development Unit
230-232, Putney Bridge Road,
SW15 2PD

5. All being well, we will send you the two versions of the logo electronically.
There is no charge for the use of the logo.

Contact us
operationmaxim@met.pnn.police.uk or by telephone on 0208 785 8147.

Code of Conduct

In order to qualify for access to the MPS/Genesius logo, companies are required to comply with the following code of conduct.

Record Keeping
• All companies must maintain and retain proper records of all transactions, for both UK and overseas customers.

Customer Profiling
• All companies must profile each new customer as per the suggested criteria (see ‘Printers Suspicious Order document)

Supply of goods
• If there are any doubts as to the legitimacy of the customer or in their use of the equipment, then it must not be supplied.

Supply of Information
• If there are any suspicions about an order, contact Metropolitan Police Service Maxim with the details by email: operationmaxim@met.pnn.police.uk or by telephone on 0208 785 8147.

Any information will be treated in the strictest confidence and dealt with in accordance with the Data Protection Act.